Selling my Esk8 | Thin 6S 10Ah Lipo battery pack | Single Turnigy SK3 236Kv | 120A FVT ESC | 40 Km/h Top Speed - 12 km Range

Hi everyone,

I’m Bart from Belgium and this is my 3th build until now, and damn I love to ride Esk8’s! The main reason I want to sell mine is because I’m already working on a new one, because I had a lot of parts laying around to make a new one so I thought let’s try it! For this build I tried to make a very slim board so I made the deck by myself and milled out a section to place the batteries, esc, bms,… into the deck.

These are some pictures from my board:

I will also give an extra remote with receiver and another motor with pulley with this board. Today I’m going to finish my aluminium motormount to make the board complete, but the motor mount on the pictures is actually fine. I have also tried to make my own trucks but I haven’t had enough time (Only the axle isn’t finished) but I can give them with the board if you want them. Here are some pictures:


  • Turnigy SK3 236Kv motor
  • Gearing 25T-15T
  • 120A 6S FVT ESC with program card
  • flat 6S2P 10Ah battery pack 20C
  • Mini remote with receiver
  • BMS 12A bypassed so only for charging
  • 25.2V 4A charger (2.5h charge time)
  • 40 km/h top speed & around 12 km range
  • Paris style trucks & 75mm wheels with zealous bearings

I would like to get around 500€ for this Esk8 with the extra parts, I worked very hard to make it like this :slight_smile:


That was a nice way to put the charging port!

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Looks like you have some skills & tools bro, can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Go beast mode! :punch:

That and your GF has great taste, just don’t let her talk you in to little hearts on your board :joy:

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