Selling my undelivered Raptor 2 Sold


I want to sell my pre-ordered Raptor 2. I live in Sweden, Stockholm. Would prefer to sell to someone from Sweden due to easy way of payment (swish). My order number starts with #97 so its close.

Yours, OLGAmedT

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Swede here! How much är you selling it go and how would it be delivered?

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Lolled at “är” Don’t know why


Haha my Swedish auto correct snarkar in words like that at times

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Haha :smile:

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I’m är säljer för 1300 euro. I probably change the adress of delivery on my order, or else I can post it to you when it arrives. Are you in Stockholm?

@UniqueSnowflakeN27 if you köpa the raptor 2 I know a lot of people on here would like to see a drag race between a dual 6374 belt driven system. Maybe you could face my board somewhäre in Sweden? :slight_smile:

What batch ligger your order in?

@UniqueSnowflakeN27 Bygger inte du redan en bräda as we speak? en bräda för each foot?


Ok, I don’t really think it’s worth that. But thanks for the info and I hope you find a buyer! :slight_smile:

Yeah I won’t be buying a Raptor anytime soon, but I’ll race you with my Boosted clone with DIY’s hubs sometime :smiley:

Yes yes, but it would have been nice to have one över, so you can låna ut den till en friend emellanåt!

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That would be fun. Whäre do you bo?

This is getting allt för roligt. Please unsell your raptor så vi kan fortsätta


This is törning out to a Swedish tråd. @L3chef Bor you nära Götet?

@karma No I bor in österbotten @ finland :slight_smile:

I live a liten bit utanför Halmstad!