Selling/Parting Out My Whole Board! USA

Welp…I broke my jaw a week ago on my board. This snake was coiled up in the middle of the road and I didn’t see it until it was too late. I instinctively jumped off at 20mph and let’s just say I cannot run off at that speed. Mama says I can never ride again…shame.

Story time over, here is my board that I am selling.

This is actually a really solid board dispite the lack of enclosure. You wouldn’t believe how good that tape holds on the batteries. It is wrapped all the way around twice so the only way they would come loose is if the tape broke in tensile.

I had ridden this thing for miles over the months with no issues. Vesc settings are perfect balance of punch and heat. In general it just is a really fun board to ride.

Top speed I clocked was 25mph on flat ground. Torque is good as you would expect for a 6364 10s system. The battery can go about 8 miles or a little more on a completely full charge. One of the lipos is older than the other so it does first, so that would be the first good thing to replace.

Motor mount is my very own with a few modifications. I sort of overkill tightened it by using cap screws instead of the set screws I normally give people. It ain’t coming off and it works great. It does not skip at full break at full speed and the belt is rather loose. Specs: 10s 5000mah lipo battery (2 5000mah 20c lipos in series) KEDA 6364 190kv motor w/ ground flat spot on the shaft Ollin 4.12 Vesc with modified capacitor bank Mini Remote 2.4Ghz iMax B6AC Lipo Charger W/ Deans Cable

Caliber II 10" Trucks 83mm Clones My own motor mount 15/36 flywheel pulleys 40" kicktail nobrand deck

More pictures

I am willing to part out some of it if it comes to that. I get that the lack of enclosure makes it look real seedy and untrustworthy. With an enclosure though and maybe a new bms or battery this thing is solid.

If anyone wants the whole thing it is yours for $300 free USA shipping. Cheap for how fast it is!

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Pictures of your Jaw??? Plus I bet if you hold onto the board till you’re healed Mama won’t care if you ride again.

Not happening…its over!!

bump…I neeed this stuff sold!

Happened to me too, saw a snake in the middle of the road, it was too late to stop I didn’t even think about jumping off, so I just ran over it. I think it died. :disappointed_relieved:

Can u maybe put up prices for parts, and damn hope u heal fast, that’s pretty crazy

Vesc: $80 shipped Batteries: $50 for both shipped! Wheels/Trucks $40 shipped 6364 190kv Motor: $35 shipped (can’t beat it for this price) Charger: $20 shipped Mini Remote: $15 shipped 15/36 Pulley system: $30 shipped

Motor mount: PM me, I do make these in a decent quantity

Hold the vesc for me ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Whole thing sold to @b264!

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Oh dang nice sell still wish you didn’t sell but I can tell that’s like the worst