Selling Slightly Used Parts, 2 Maytech VESC, 1 Winning Remote, 2 Vedder anti spark switch, 1 5065 200kv motor

Hi everybody im selling parts that i was going to use on my built but which i never finish and i dont plan on finishing it anytime soon so im selling the extra parts. first here is a video to show that all the parts works, i started working on it because it was never finish all these part have not been use on the road.

First is 2 Maytech VESC, i started this project a while back so the left VESC is the first one i purchase and back than alot of people mention its a good idea to put some heat sink on the fets which i did, i dont know if its still a thing or not i used some heat sink glue and its stuck on pretty good so i didnt bother taking them off.

left VESC $70 right VESC $80 ~SOLD

next is 2 Veddar Spark one is unused and the other you can see im using it in the video. the unused one does not come with fuse but it comes with the pins to hold the fuse but you would have to solder it yourself it came to me like that so i never used it. the other one is all set to go. both come with an LED latch switch.

~ $19 without the fuse. $20 with fuse ~SOLD

next is an sensor 5065 200KV that i purchase off banggood. but i end up going with dual 5045 . here is a link to the original listing. Motor~$40

Last is an winning remote with the receiver + Binding Clip~$20

I only ship in the states and shipping is $5 flat to any where in the states and for 1 or all of the things above. paypal only thanks.

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I’d take the unused anti spark, if you’d consider shipping to the UK? It shouldnt be more that $5-10 to ship in a small bubble envelope (I bring my bearings over from the states to UK all the time and a couple of tubes of bearings costs somewhere in that region.

Many thanks

My friend, I’d like to take both of the anti-spark modules. Pm sent

unheat sink VESC sold~~

both Anti Spark sold.

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That other maytech still available?

Yes it is still available. But like I mention above there is an heat sink glue to the fets if you want more phone I will be more than happy to sent it to you

Might be interested in that Racerstar Motor. I see you already changed out the stock connectors, what size connectors did you put it? Also, do you have the motor gear for this?

yes i changed out the stock connectors, forgot to mention that in the post will update in the post. The one I put in are 2mm banana connectors will provide the female end.

In terms of motor gears I only have the one that it came with image but it didn’t came with the set screw when I purchase it.

Awesome, and is that the stock JST 5 pin connector or did you change that as well to 6 pin ?

The hall sensor plug is stock. I didn’t didn’t change it, it’s 5 pin

sent you pm regarding the motor