Selling the drivetrain to my DIYesk8

Hello, I’m hoping to sell my drivetrain: BKB 6374 x1, Boardnamics idler motor mount, janux pulleys, Flipsky FSESC6.6 with aluminum case, mini (not micro) remote, and all the wires/screws/extra belts required to put it together.

I’m not including the trucks, wheels, battery, or the deck though.

The motor is scratched to hell but it all still works perfectly. I’m selling it because I need the money more than the extra board laying around.

I really, really don’t want to sell it all in parts. I would like to sell the whole connected combo for $250. My justification for the price is as follows: $380 for the motor+pulleys+idler mount+bkb motor when they are brand new (and that price isn’t including the remote or the extra wires/adapters I had to buy). So $250 is a third off the brand new price. *edit maybe half off would be more fair, $190. just hmu with some offers, even if you’re interested in a part. thanks

Thanks everyone, pics below. DM me if you want other pictures.

What level of hell did you drag that motor through?! And does it still function??


I didn’t tighten the motor mount enough my first time (first build…) so i ended up riding with the motor spinning and dragging on the concrete lol… luckily I noticed before any real damage occurred. It’s cosmetic damage but it’s serious cosmetic damage haha. I’m willing to accept reasonable offers since it’s still working. Thanks

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I am probably the most broke person on this forum, so im not looking to buy anything, I was just looking around and very curious as to what happened haha

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$1 for the motor?


How do I verify it’s a BKB motor? Lmao. Also I see lots of tape. How is this thing working?


Damn… I never even considered that I can’t prove it’s BKB. But I guess I could show pics of it when I first bought it. I’ll look for some.

The tape is just to protect the wiring, it’s working normally.

lol if it was broken then yeah I’d just give it away or throw it in the trash

this is the pic I got sent from the guy I bought it from. he had already said he put it through hell, I just sent it deeper… lol I’m accepting any offers


What Kv is the motor?

  1. You can just make it out in the photo above.
  1. buy cheap motor
  2. drag it through hell
  3. sell it as cosmetically damaged premium motor
  4. profit

I mean, idk what to tell you. I’m not selling some random ass motor and calling it a BKB motor, I have chat transcripts of me buying the motor with pics and details about the motor. I don’t really think it would be necessary to go that far in order to prove myself. The picture of the mildly beat up motor came from the guy I bought it from, that’s all I can say.

190kv my man

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Chill, that was just a joke.

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I know lol, I liked it! I just wanted to make sure anyone reading would see what I had to say

Interested - PM sent.
Love the cosmetic makeup. The VESC does not seem to have been well protected in any form - is it still in good working order?

I replied to your DM with the answer to this question, here it is to anyone else reading:

“And yes the VESC is still working, it is screwed directly into the deck very snugly. You can check out Flipsky’s images for this specific vesc, you’ll see four holes on the front side (that would be square if not for bottom right one…)”