Selling the largest PREBUILT bundle ever!

I will try this one last time… I am selling… 3 koowheel electric skateboards with a ton of extras!

1 board with 1 battery, 1 charger, and 1 controller = $399

1 board with 1 battery, 1 charger and 2 controllers, plus a carrying bag = $450

2 boards with 1 battery, 2 chargers, and 4 controllers and 2 carrying bags = $850

3 boards with 1 battery, 3 chargers and 5 controllers plus a set of front led lights and a sets of rear led lights for each of the 3 BOARDS and 2 sheets of grip tape $999

The motors are 350 watts x2 for each board and the batteries are 5500 mah batteries… 36v… 10s 2p and has been replaced with a new bms in the battery and 2 boards are custom painted! Here are picture if it does not get closed again! Message me if interested 20180327_005238|666x500


To all concerned I have deleted all of the post about PayPal payments including mine because we where derailing this topic. Please lets keep any replies to this topic, on topic and let’s have no more criticizing comments. If you are not interested in what’s being offered here then turn the page and move along. Thank You.


Do you have some better pictures of the custom paint jobs? :smiley_cat:

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How can I offer you money in exchange for your boards without my post being deleted?

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Just make a simple offer without any criticizing or any abusive and offensive comments.

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Yes I have pictures on my phone and will upload some. What I love is that it goes from plain black to carbon fiber n silver skull EMERGING out of darkness!!! Lol here is a pic… I will have to upload one at a time on this phone so it will take me a little bit and will start with a short video as you will see it in daytime but can see how it goes black when not direct light like a hologram here is one link…

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Here is a link showing the holographic carbon fiber style paint job at dusk to see it in a different light… But that is what is so cool… That it changes how it looks depending on the positioning of lighting and the viewer and this short video is at sunset…

I will start uploading pictures of the custom painted boards now and in this first picture the board on the right is custom painted with high gloss and heavy duty BLACK APPLIANCE EPOXY!!! Painted to hold up long term and hold up better against wear and tear such as scratches!!! the board on the right is not for sale but is an example of someone taking a koowheel and using it as a diy board and swapping the deck with a drop through deck and adding a battery meter! Just some ideas for mods!!! Also I put a pic of my kid with one board in the carrying bag and one in hand to see the bag


Thanks! Not interested in the boards, but good job on that CF finish. Really slick! That paint job looks like it’s really well made too! :ok_hand::+1:

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Here is how I did a matching helmet…


This is what the one board I am working in this week looks like! Coming out pretty sick!!!

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