Selling the Wife's Lament - $500

SInce this community helped me out so much with the build, I figure someone on here should get a good deal. The whole kit has less than 100 miles on it. Cost for the build was around $600, so I’m letting it go for $500. The motor mount was changed to a BuildKitBoards mount. Buyer pays shipping from Brooklyn NY (17 lbs) and I’m not looking to part it out.

Here’s the build thread with all the details:


Looks well thought out, this might be a quick sale :beer:

Can you add location info to your profile at the very least? Buyer paying shipping can mean a lot of different prices.

Very true, didn’t think of that. I’m in Brooklyn NY. Original post edited.

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Any takers? I’ll leave this here for a couple more days, then it’s going to eBay. :confused:

very interested - live in sydney, top speed and range?

Also somewhat interested. Estimate on shipping to Buffalo, NY?

ill pay shipping, very interested

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You’ve got dibs :grin: cheers

Shipping is $140 to Sydney or $26 to Buffalo.

I never maxed out either the speed or range, but I got it up to 18mph and there was still some trigger pull left, so if guess maybe a 20mph top speed. I’ve done 12 miles on a charge and still had lots of juice left, though I don’t remember how much. My best guess for range would be 15-20 miles on flat ground around mid throttle, but don’t quote me on that. Note: these numbers were with the ESC set to BLDC. Those numbers may be different now that it’s running FOC, but you can always switch it back.

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@trapsends has first dibs :slight_smile: let me know if he doesn’t want it though

ye bro, how the stats stack up and shipping, its yours, awesome build tho!

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Pending sale:

The man has not been online since I sent the money though. Hoping I didn’t get screwed :sweat_smile: I know not everyone is on here every day though.

Sold - @mmaner you can close this up :slight_smile:

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