Selling: Vanguard Flex 1|Dual TB 6555 190KV|Dual FOCBOX|BROKEN(!)10S4P| Also general moving sale/giveaway (Various ESkate tools and electronics)

Hi all,

I’m moving from the US (Berkeley, CA) back to Germany next week and although it’s breaking my heart I’ll have to sell my board: IMG_20180804_140811064 IMG_20180804_140944712

You can find my original build thread here, but note that the board has been upgraded with FOCBOXes since:

And now the biggest downer: THE BATTERY IS DEAD. I had an accident (broke my leg, ESkate but on someone else’s board) over a month ago, and I didn’t get to check on the board until yesterday. It was switched on the whole time. That apparently bled the battery, which was almost empty in the to begin with, to <1 V/cell. So the board doesn’t work right now. It needs a new battery.

OK, now to the specs:

  • Vanguard Flex 1 deck
  • Dual Torqueboards 6555 190KV motors
  • Dual FOCBOX
  • Alien Motor mounts
  • 195 mm Paris Trucks
  • 15 mm wide belts (never ever skipping even with super floppy belts)
  • Vanguard Enclosures by @Eboosted for 10S4P battery and dual VESC/FOCBOX
  • super bright DIY LED front lights directly connected to the boards battery
  • Alien remote (also have Maytech remote, barely used. I’d throw it in)
  • 100 mm MBS all terrain wheels + 90 mm Trampa stickies
  • Steel pulley set: 15T Motor pulley, 36T and 40T wheel pulleys
  • METR pro module for on-the-fly configuration and firmware flash via PC or phone + HM10 module (e.g. Ackmaniack app) (both connected at the same time)
  • 2 A laptop style brick charger with E-Bike connector (so e.g. E-Bike fast chargers will also work)

With a new battery (preferably 30Q) the board is a beast! I’ve been riding it for a couple of months in Berkeley and San Francisco, which means killer hills. No problem for the board. And even with the shitty terrain and crap roads in this area I get around 9 wh/km, thanks to the good motors, high gear reduction, and loose belts. This means real life and tested 48 km (30 mile) range with hilly terrain and riding hard. I’m about 78 kg btw. Top speed depends on the gears you mount. At the moment I have MBS 15T/36T mounted which I tested up to 53 km/h (33 mph). The vanguard deck is nice and flexy, which feels perfect under your feet on rough roads, but is still perfectly stable at these speeds.

I’m leaving the country on Friday, so I’m looking to sell ASAP! I’m located in Berkeley, CA and would prefer if you picked it up. With my broken leg, the shipping would be quite an effort.

The components that I’m selling here were about ~1600$ new minus 200$ for the dead cells, so a new value of ~1400$. If you are interested please PM me with an offer ASAP. Most likely I’m selling to the best offer early next week, whatever that may be. To get this board running again you can either buy new cells (200$ for Samsung 30Q) and build your own battery pack (there are plenty of guides on this forum and tons of helpful people). Or if you don’t feel up to building your own pack you can buy one for ~300-400$ from the known battery builders on this forum.

I would love to build a new battery pack myself and sell a fully functional board, which would for sure get a much better price, but as I said, I’m out of time to do it. So my loss, your gain. I’d hate that to happen and please don’t tell me if you do, but you can also just scrap it for parts.

Some goodies: I got a lot of ESkate related stuff that I don’t have the time or nerve right now to sell separately, and it doesn’t make sense to haul it back to Germany. This includes:

Arduino spot welder + car battery, welding tips, and foot switch. This should come in handy if you want to build your own battery: IMG_20180804_151143508

A 60V/5A adjustable power supply. I used this for all kinds of things, including fast charging the board at 5 A, charging the board to voltage lower than 42 V from the brick charger: IMG_20180804_151206979

On top of that I have things like hot glue gun, soldering iron, hex keys, various screws and washers, cables, heat shrink, capacitors, a couple of broken (maybe repairable) VESC 4.12, spare belts, and much more. If you make me a good offer for the board and come pick it up, grab into my magic material/tool box and take as much stuff that you think you might need with you as you can carry: IMG_20180804_141242382RS

I’ll probably end up throwing most of it in the trash next week anyway, which would be a shame. So please send me a PM if you are interested.


How much for this?

How about 80$ if you come pick it up? Altogether I think it was about 140$ new.

How much for everything pm me

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Hey mathias,

met you on a couple baesk8 rides, we had practically the same build and i can vouch for the specs.

just wanted to say it was nice riding with you and wish you a speedy recovery + good luck with the sale.

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Thanks, man!

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How much for the entire board?

Hey Mathias, would you want to part it out? How much for 1 focbox?