Selling what is in stock

I believe a store should only be selling what they have in stock. If it is out of stock then a store should have out of stock on the website. This concept of buying and waiting 3 months seems unorthodox to me.

When I go and buy things in other markets the store only sells what they have in stock. You should not be selling something you don’t have. What happens if your supplier just quits. Shipping issues. Customers could be waiting months for the items.


agreed! Still waiting for my TB v4 motor mount. Ordered at the first week of july, was told the black version is out of stock and still waiting.

Well there’s in stock, out of stock, and then some companies/websites do back order which lets the user/customer know that they are currently out of stock but also making more at the moment. I do agree though that it’s annoying when they don’t mention that an item is out of stock and still allow users to order it when they might think that it is in stock. Also, no supplier ‘just quits’. The factories that make these items usually have legally binding contracts with the sellers, if those contracts are broken then it is very easy for the seller to win in a lawsuit.

I agree 3 months is definitely unorthodox and not ideal for any company. Trust me, we don’t want you waiting at all. Our goal is to get every order out within the same day with items ALL in stock. Everything has been more then frustrating. Honestly, I’m pretty sure the hobby in itself hit “everyone” all unexpectedly as well as the summer. If so, I would of most definitely prepared for it.

At we’re working on moving to a bigger location to store and hold more product and to ship products out faster. We’ve literally outgrown our small space and need to expand our operations as well. We’re in it for the long-term and want to continue moving forward.

Our current production run for VESCs is now 400 pieces just to keep up with the demand and I’m sure it will increase.

I would know and understand that this is no longer just a hobby. Personally, I’ve been running as a part-time hobby/enjoyment (with full time hours) for the last 3 years while working full time and crazy overtime hours and it has gotten to be much bigger then that. I’ve had to quit my job about a month ago to give our customers better service and to continue to offer high quality products and service and we’ve increased all of our standard order amounts 3-4 times just to make sure we don’t have people waiting.

We want the best for everyone and we’re working at it. Day in day out.

@maxchilton - Please PM me your order #. Tried finding from your name but can’t find anything. We just got new stock yesterday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You’ll love the new mounts too.


Sounds like your really stepping it up! Thanks for everything u do for the community, and I cant wait to see it grow 10x!

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Hey @torqueboards consider switching to torx screw caps. I had a little bit of stripping on the hex ones supplied, torx just feels more solid and is better suited for high torque environments like motor mounts.

Other than the screws your v4 mount is solid though!

@JLabs Thanks! We hope to see the community grow too.

@Stevemk14ebr For the Motor Mount to the Truck Clamp we’ve switched to M5 socket cap so it’s a 3mm drive size and should be much harder to strip.

That’s definitely a good idea for the motor mount bolts. The only reason why I haven’t done so is most people don’t have a torx wrench and they are usually hard to find unless you order online. The new v4 are slightly counterbore so you could effectively use a socket cap and the bolts not stick out as much.

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I totally understand your reasoning about torx being hard to find. I had to get all my bolts from online because there were none in the stores! Either way as long as you look into the stripping issue you’re good. Making the mount to truck circle clamp two peices would help alot too, since the one peice clamp requires alot of force to get tight, with two peices it would be very easy i feel.

A super cheap online bolt/hardware supplier is Accugroup just fyi. I got my bolts from there, less than $.03 each.

@Workaround The reality is that the ESK8 market is a niche market. It is not easy to source these components and the lead time and delivery time from the manufacturers is hard to estimate accurately. It’s not an excuse when the vendors say that they are working on it. Until the market becomes saturated with components, there will be demand that outstrips supply. I really had to take a step back and try to understand what vendors are going through recently and I feel that I am a better person for it. They have absolutely no desire to stall or delay our parts orders. They are the most passionate out of us all. In fact they are literally putting their financial lives on the line to take a chance and create a business to serve our community. Patience is key. An important lesson we all can learn. :v:

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Same. I think they shipped today. But to be fair. He did list it as out of stock on the website.

can’t agree more

The expected dates are way off because some vendors have not got items in. Then comes some issues with broken items and then incorrect stock numbers being shipped in. This list goes on with all the problems with running businesses like that.

I just think it is not a good method for selling items. This method also lines up exactly with a scamming website trying to sell you nothing. They will not ship and order out then keep telling you next week till you forget about it.

The subject of this thread is exactly the reason why I created my own shop in EU and we are handling it this way: if things are in stock they are sold, if not, they are not.

But to be fair, for large scale orders to push the cost side down not taking pre-payments and having everything in stock might be a challenge.

So this might have an impact on the price. And even though people have to wait for month for parts: they’ll still order with those suppliers to save 20€ and in the meantime complaining about the fact of waiting and postponed delivery.

Wanting the cheapest price, best quality, best service and lowest (reliable) lead times and so on sometimes won’t fit in reality.


So you’re David from ? Sorry to go offtopic. Just another thanks for the extra efforts. You’re the man !

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It is just a bit frustrating to customers cause you don’t realize what is going on till after you make your order. Because the market is mixed between having stock and doing pre-orders.

I think if I were going to do a system like this I would set it up so we charge the customer on the week we ship out instead of months before.