Selling Whole Setup ( minus batteries)

Hi Everyone,

I’m selling my setup I built about 4-5 years ago. I rode it a good amount the first year that I had it, but then moved to a city that had shitty roads, so it eventually just faded into my closet. Now I am moving again and cannot take it with me. The build is in good condition and I’d prefer to sell it as a whole. If no one wants to buy it whole then I’m willing to sell it as parts. I am not selling the batteries as they are old and have not been charged in a long time.

IIRC the board would reach about 20-22 Mph and had a range of about 12-14 miles. It has very good acceleration for a single motor board, and the board is configurable if you’d like to do further modifications to the acceleration curve or limit the top speed. It is currently configured to have a modest to aggressive acceleration curve Extended BLDC-TOOL. The ESC also has regenerative breaking, cruise control, and will reduce the top speed to about 18 mph ( this can be disabled) to notify me when the battery is low, and allow for longer range on its last 30%. It rides very smooth with the big wheels and nice trucks. The box that holds the components has never given me trouble all thought I admit it is not the most elegant. The belt has never been changed. It looks to be in good condition but given its age, it may be good to purchase an extra and replace it.

You’ll need to buy 2 of the batteries below. The ESC connection is a XT90. The connector is spark-safe and I have a XT90 to split-XT60 connector for the batteries.

Parts list:

PM me for videos or to discuss price. Pictures:


Im in the US and willing to ship

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Feel free to make me a offer, need to get rid of it. Also you can make offers on parts.


Since I’ve received no offers I figured I should put a price on it. $550 USD.

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I think your price is too high even if it had batteries and a charger

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Feel free to counter offer. PM me if you are interested

$400. Have to get rid of it in the next few days. PM me.

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$300… last try.

Even that seems double what it’s worth lol. If you part it out you might be able to sell it, but even then the only thing with value is the vesc and motor that are probably worth less then 50 bucks each