Semi Pneumatic Tire Experience?

Looking to upgrade my board to some pneumatic wheels. I’m currently rocking 100mm MBS wheels and I can feel every crack and bump in the road (no pretty paved roads here). I was wondering if anyone had experience with semi-pneumatic tires, aka the ones you don’t have to pump up. These are the ones I’m looking at.

Current debate points for me: Is 1-1/2 inches wide a good width Is 3D printing some hubs out of ABS a solid choice (campus has 3D printers galore) -I won’t have to have empty middle space for the air up tube.

Main goal is reliability and smooth ride. Thoughts?

Bonus: Here’s my hub + gear design so far. Hub will probably be printed in two separate halves at 50% infill

BonusBonus: I already ordered 1 to mess around with since they were $5 on amazon two days ago so that way I could get dimensions for my models. Seems pretty solid but I’ve never had pure pneumatic tire this size to compare with.


Let me know how this goes. I’m actually experiencing the same thing as you with the 100mm MBS wheels

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Hey, this could be good to know ! I would say that maybe the wide seams good but the surface contact is maybe a mode importante factor (… I did know, just asking too). Did you look or compare with the diyeboard kit, maybe it could hightlight you one that. Also there is an other topic on 3D printing rims maybe you have seen, it should confort your choice for the printing parameter ! Sorry for the no-help, but hope its help :blush:

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I’ll probably flesh out one geared wheel entirely for my own curiosity. I’ll update this and let you know when I finish (it will be a few weeks, I have to wait for fall classes to start before I can use the 3D printers here)

Do you have a link to the topic for that? It sounds hugely beneficial for designing these hubs.

One pretty big factor I forgot to mention is that my board is a single drive with a 170kv motor. It runs my 100mm MBS wheels just fine, but I’m curious if the board will start to majorly pull to one side or if it can torque down low enough to spin one wheel effectively. Gear ratio will be 60/14.

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this one :

Also, I think it will work. Of curse dual be better for AT and big wheel but like they’re airless … It could do the work better than exepected … (:smile: but don’t really know, I havent tested!)

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Small update: I’ve spent the last few days doing small tweaks and tinkering with the design. It’s at a point that I’m happy enough with it to post it here. Next step is to 3D print in ABS (once campus opens back up this month) and make sure I made the dimensions correct so that the wheel grips the hub correctly.

Final build will be blue and black themed so I colored it as such. Assuming this all works out, people will be able to buy a 1kg roll of ABS for $20, the tires posted above for $10/ea, a longer belt for $7, and have themselves a solid set of pneumatics on the cheap for their board. Rims without the gear will screw together with 6x M6 40mm bolts and the geared one will use 6x M6 50mm bolts. Gear uses HTD5 12mm belt and has 60 teeth.


UPDATE: All my parts and components have arrived minus a longer belt which comes in Tuesday. I lucked out as my roommate has a 3D printer so I didn’t have to wait for campus to open :smile: After 3 design iterations, we have a successfully assembled a solid 3D printed wheel. We used PETG plastic (combines the best of ABS and PLA) with a 40% infill and a honeycomb pattern infill. The design is super solid structurally, however road tests come next. We are currently printing 3 more wheel hubs so that we can bring it on the road to test. After a basic test of just pushing the board around (assuming everything goes well) we will hook it up to the motor with the belt (that comes in tuesday) and try out our first official ride on budget pneumatics.

Total cost so far: 4x semi pnuematic wheels $5.31 x 4 = $21.24 1x 360-5M-12 Belt $7.24 24x 6M bolts ~$7 (Had to buy 100 packs of them) 1kg PETG plastic $24.99 Total Cost ~$60.47

These are supposed to be an upgrade to my old 100mm MBS AT wheels that were super rigid. Bought those for $70 so this is technically an upgrade with less money assuming everything goes well :slightly_smiling_face: