Sensored 6374 motor recommendations?

Will you be using one motor? What battery are you using? What gearing ratio are you using? Do you want speed or torque?

I will be using two motors combined with Evolve AT wheels. Motor pulley will have15 teeth and wheel pulley 66 teeth which results in a gear ratio of 1:4.4. Would like to have some decent speed (35-45 km/h) with these 7" wheels but also PLENTY of torque.

I would recommend the torqueboards 6374 190 kv motors. But what battery will you be using

I am going to have some sealed 6374 190kv sensored coming in stock very soon.


I will be using a Li Ion pack either 10s3p or 10s4p (not sure yet).

Yeah, 190kv woud be your best choice @ 10s. If you were running 8s I would have promoted the hell out of my motor though. LOL


Oh that’s right! Must have overlooked this detail :wink:

Do you have more info on these? Link?

They have just been shipped to me and once I receive them I will put everything up on my website and post the link. Remind me in 1 week if I didn’t respond.

What about @ 12s ?

Sure. You could do 12s as well

my choices would be

-torque boards 190kv -alien 6374 or 6384. Almost purchased them as total they’re $20 more shipped then the torque boards…but ya know tb had a $99 sale on the 6374 for black Friday so couldn’t pass it up

I can’t speak to longevity of APS motors.

But friends and I have beaten the hell out of torque board motors, almost to the point you’d expect cracked magnets in the bell, but they just keep rocking. Tb motors are solid for sure.

I’ve had bad experiences with torque boards motors that’s why I no longer will buy them have had 4 and 3 out of 4 have failed me 1 6374 and 2 6355 there good but longevity wise there bad

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What happened with your TB motors? what failed on you?

So I decided to open 3 motors recently and 6374 was broken magnet(have to buy a new one they don’t sell magnets alone) 6355 both had bearing and loose magnet along with strator moving

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Sounds like you need some BKB goodness :wink:

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If you are based in Europe you can probably save on some postage and import duties

I just ordered some 6374s 170kv from APS, everyone seems to be quite happy with them.

I’ll report back in a few months!

You could have ordered a higher KV as well. They do custom which doesn’t cost more.

I would suggest Eskating sealed and sensored motors for the next time :wink: never been so satisfied with a motor