Sensored 6374 motor recommendations?

I would suggest Eskating sealed and sensored motors for the next time :wink: never been so satisfied with a motor


Are these from Maytech? At least they look alike!

yess! and 190kv!

For my 12s on 15/63 pullies 179kv is going to be perfect, much more torque

What happend with your powerplant ? 6374 230kv Will fit my 8s perfectly

How do those sealed Maytech motors compare to an SK3-6374? Seems like they would overhear easier

All gone. Sorry.

have you checked under your bed or in the box in your fourth room? really need one

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@longhairedboy’s mom has a pair of them hanging from her ears.


I got really good feedbacks on them, and since I have a dual 6374 on Trampa I can confirm they won’t heat too much because of sealed can. They perform so well!

I think you can find lots of satisfied riders here, @okp too !

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I can attest what @fottaz say, very robust motor and they don’t get especially hot !

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yeah, fully agree with @fottaz . thanks a lot bro for the friendship. I’m actually testing the Trampa 158kv and will report back. It’s cold freezing in Paris.

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It’s freezing here to man, better to get a break! thanks a lot to you! Im pretty sure those 158kv from Trampa are awesome too! saw some videos, good torque :grin:

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How many of those RedEmber boards does your mom have now? Does @treenutter know what she’s doing with them?


@psychotiller what is she doing w them? :joy:


I found a couple of the 6374 230kvs. Want them?

Any suggestions for a 12s setup emtb sensored, FOC happy and lower than 190kv?

APS 6384 170 KV, sensored :slight_smile:

I also have those, pretty good so far. However, take into consideration the shaft diameter is 10mm

Hi guys i have two TB 6374 190kv motors with 12s2p battery but i have so bad range on it like 7miles or so, and i have set in vesc only 40A max per one motor, i using 90mm wheels and 16T/36T pulleys. I wanna change motors to smaller or idk , just to have more range, witch ones are good for range ? Just wanna use 12s battery cause cost to much to changing that to.