Sensored 6374 motor recommendations?

You’re not gonna get any noticable range increase without upgrading battery

Actually, a change in riding style can drastically increase range – but @scepterr is right, nothing mechanical or electrical will get you much, aside from increasing the battery to 10S3P (30Q) or anything using more cells.

Ok guys , Thx, so now is question about battery 12s4p or 10s5p is almost same number of cells , i dont need 12s voltage for speed so it enough 10s voltage for me but what about range? cause i read if you have more Voltage you dont need that much Amps putting to Motors ? I realy like to hear it is about the same cause i buy fast charger for 12s battery for 80usd :smiley: but probably i gonna need change to 10s

Do you just blaze at 30mph all the time? If so, that’s why.

I have those too (since almost 10 months) but never could try them out. What battery/trucks are you using?

Ofc not all the time but yea now i have set vesc to max erpm to 30mph but the board can go much faster on 10s i should go 32 max so it is enough for me , so now it going about range 10s5p vs 12s4p

10S5P would be better

Use genuine Samsung 18650-30Q cells from

yea i have these cells now so i gonna use same for sure, but now i need the charger for 10s anyone know about some fast 10s charger at least 4A ?

Off the top of my head, there’s this one and Evole has one, pretty sure there are lots of others around

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if you had chosen a gearing already for the 6374, but decided on the 6384 - would that be an issue? is assume itd just have more low down?

For all those that have purchased their motors from APS, where are you getting your 10mm ID pullies from?

I’m having a hardtime getting a 13T steel pulley with no overhang

Finding the right pulley is a bit of a pity. I get my 16T and 18T aluminium pulleys either from TorqueTransmission ( or ebay. I’ve got access to a lathe and can modify the pulleys to my needs. Doesn’t APS offer steel pulleys?

Thanks man! I wonder why there are no pullies options out there.

Where are you guys getting your superstars hubs pulleys?

How were the motors?

They were pretty nice, never had an issue

I am running mine (APS 6384s) for a couple of weeks in BLDC mode with no issues. I never installed the sensors since my setup hardly stutters. The motors work great and all magnets are still in place. I like the sound they make when hitting a certain rpm, it almost sounds like a turbo whistle. They get pretty hot at 80A/motor but other than that I have not yet experienced any issues. Also, I am really careful not to hit the motor bells on anything hard.