Sensored cable from motor does not fit in VESC

the sensored cable from my 6355 motor is small (10.43mm wide male) while the female connector on my vesc is about 12.85mm wide. How may I connect the sensored cable without having to cut and solder? I tried looking online for an adapter piece but I don’t even know where to begin my search terms. I’ve search the forums here and there but I haven’t read anything about the sensored cable-connector discrepancy. Does anyone know how I might fix this problem?

Please help me

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You will need to get new connectors and solder them on.

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If you really don’t want to solder anything, you can use these 06KR-D6S-P (6pin 2mm Jst connector KRD series. But you will need to cut the wire.


That’s what I did to my motors and is 100% worth it. Make sure you plug it in the right direction otherwise the VESC will not recognize the Hal sensors.

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do I do the exact same order? is it aligned the same way as the other connector or do I need to flip it? I’m ordering it right now.

Exact same order

So does that mean I should wire it up like so? Even if the colours don’t match?

What did you do? I’m having the same problem.

I haven’t done it yet but I’m just going to solder them together like I showed in the picture

Don’t! That’s the wrong order.

check out the image here: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-sensor-wires/ it shows the right order. Green and yellow are swapped.

Only the GND (black) and VCC (red) need to match. It doesn’t look like there’s a temprature sensor, so the remaining wires can be connected in any order.

Once connected, launch the BLDC Tool, click “Motor configuration” tab, then select “BLDC” and click “Start detection” (labelled 1). The results of the hall sensor order will then need to be entered into the Table (labelled 2).


Update for anyone having this issue