Sensored FOC setup

Holy shit I was having problems with this and gave up. I’m going to try this.

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Haha, great. That’s partly why I posted it in the thread. You should just follow the indications on the PCBA instead of the ones on the topsticker. You could use the photo I posted or open the case yourself if that is easier for you. Hope it works out!

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Damn yo. It worked. Can’t believe that was the problem. FOC is way more juicy. Stoked thanks dude!

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Holy shit dude. I have been trying to figure this out too. So glad I ran into this thread.

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Thank you so much for pointing this out! I switched pins and am now running sensored FOC. Now starting from standstill is butter smooth and the general throttle/braking response seems more fluid in general.

@onloop did you read this thread?

Mhmmm… I tried sensored on the FOCBOX. Also switched the pin sequence as seen on the PCB. I get failed hall sensor detection on BLDC and FOC. I’m using APS motors. Any way I can check what is not working correctly ?

pics of setup with sensor wires?

Orange=blue. Extended the sensor wires as per color. It’s a aps motor

just as a test, make your motor go in the reverse direction (flip two phases) and try again

Tried and got the same results :confused: @Daan_vZon did it work out for you ?

Yeahh, it worked out perfectly for me! I just connected the wires like the PCB described and it couldn’t start up smoother. Even going from driving forward to going in reverse goes 100% smoothly.

Mhmm all right. Maybe I’ll check the solder spots again. Is yours plugged in in the same sequence as the one posted above ?

Which one posted do you mean? Yours? Unfortunately, I won’t be able to tell you if the wires are in the same sequence, since I don’t know the sequence of the sensor wires coming for your motor.

I’m happy to have found this thread as I am about to set up my first FOC build. I will be running 10s and dual 6374 190kv with dual FOCBOX. Can anyone go a bit more in depth with the steps to setup FOC?

Use ackmaniacs fw and it has step by step numbers to show you exactly how to configure

Awesome! Thank you. I’ll have to search his thread on how to upload the firmware.

Does it matter wether I’m using a split servo vs canbus for his fw?

nope either will work.

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Had a gander at the PCB in my new focbox. The 5v and the GND are swapped on the sticker for the motor sensor connector. Great thread!