Sensored mode doesn't work on my vesc

hello everyone so I used to run sensored mode on my vesc on bldc mode and then one day I wanted to try sensorless mode and the start isn’t as good so I switched back and I tried it on sensored mode again nothing happenes but when I put it in foc mode on sensored mode it works but very high pitched can anyone help me!

Run foc motor detection again for both motors.

I have done the same what ends up happening and why I think u didn’t like sensorless was because u never redid the parameters on detection as stated so when you switch from sensor to nonsensor u have to run motor detection again , I personally make everything default again in motor detection page and run it again .

I do run the motor detection its just still very compared to sensored

what do you mean and is it safe to run in foc mode? is there anything I should do?

The 255 255 255 255 tab changes when you run sensord but if just switched back to sensorless then those numbers stay the same such as 98 255 78 190 but should be default 255 , I had that problem motors were really eh at start, for me personally I do not like sensors I run foc but on 4wd it’s too smooth I can’t feel anything you know , I don’t get a sense on weather it’s safe or not it rises to good lol. Start is good but ride just make a me feel so riding blind I like to feel the raw power I cruise at 30mph usually

I run a single motor on 9s and its 190kv 6355 is there any way to make foc safer?

Foc is known not to be user friendly and not alot of vesc out there can handle foc but company’s say u can but just for advertising. So we see a first timers buy a vesc and try foc and end up frying it but it also depends on what motor kv and voltage , usually a 190kv u want to run 10s for foc and try at own risk 12s , but I only recommend a focbox for foc endless u want to pay big money for a ves6 200-360$

Which ESC you are using?

the 99$ vesc from diy electric

I mean those are known not to be foc friendly and most people fry the vesc on just putting it in foc get a focbox has upgraded components, but yet again u are running 9s on 190v , but yet again one could say single drive foc can stress the motor alot. Anyways to make it safer ? Have safe motor settings such as motor min and battery min

Those are popular for not handling the FOC. I hope you VESC is not burnt. Please check the PCB of the VESC from both side

its not burned since it still works in both modes also I just can’t get it to work in sensored mode in bldc the motor doesn’t spin the vesc light turns on when I give it throttle but idk whats wrong

What are the L & R values in BLDC tool?

im not sure where do I check that?

Read configuration first before doing it

I dont think its a good idea running in foc mode though

You already ran it in FOC mode, (you’ve indicated it above)

yea but I just did for a few min im afraid If I do for more ill burn it haha

Then try reflashing the Firmware to get default values back And do BLDC detections again.