Sensorless FOC on SK3 motor

Hello I want a new VESC since I hate the ESC I am using now. I have a tunigy SK3 280kv motor and it has no sensor wires. Is it possible to run FOC on that motor sensorless? Could a FOCBOX do the job or is a maytech okay?

Yes, you can run sensorless FOC and yes, FOCBOX :wink:

thx :slight_smile: do you know where i can find the setting for that?

What voltage are you running? 280kv isnt optimal…

He would have to limit erpm, or is that even possible on foc?

Nope. Not that I am aware of at least

u can limit erpm at ppm section on foc. for 280kv u wont get much torq. cuz 6s esc usually have 120a~150a where as even focbox only go up to 100a. I strongly advise u to get bigger motor for low kv it will suffer at hill for both going up and down because motor won’t brake the board either.

thanks for the reply. Makes sense bc. i have had problems with breaking…