Separate battery packs and vescs (flipsky4.20)

Hi Guys,

currently i have a trampa board with 8’ wheels that run on lithium 18650 10s4p (30q) with Chinese esc. i purchased two flipsky 4.20 single controllers that i planed to connect with canbus, in order to get more amps i want to power them with separate battery packs, the second pack that i’m planning to use is 12s1p of very large Lifepo4 cells (10A with max 5C)… motors that i’m currently using are 170KV but i have also 280KV racestar available.

the options
as i can see them :

  1. connect the packs in parallel which i believe is less recommended because the voltage and resistance differences… 2.connect etch controller to it’s own battery pack and relaying on the vesc to sync the motors operations via the canbus… i saw that there is an option to set individual parameters to etch controller including voltage.

Please advice Me :slight_smile:

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