Separated Shoulder Sale

if you wanna sell the vesc’s let me know a price, im interested.

Sorry man, not interested in piecing it out.

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What’s the range on that battery pack?

This was from the day I crashed. I have never ran the batteries dry, so I couldn’t tell you an official range, but I would say about 13 miles.

If you wanted to piece it out I would be interested in the motors

Dude someone should buy this

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This listing is making me sweat. Must… Resist…

Chris I hope you’re healing good.


Bump! Price reduction…$1000.00

DUDE that price is unreal. This had better sell tonight!

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Good god. Must resist…


ugh, seriously considering this to finish my project. What is the length of the mastercho enclosure?



Can’t resist this design any longer; purpose-built AF :sunglasses:

Chris, I’ll take it my friend. Please lmk. Thx -karl


Thank you deucesdown!

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Yeah, I guess resistance is futile :slight_smile: Made the pickup and rode it in this morning. You fools! Aaaahaha. Such a sweet build. Ronins!


Dammit!! If you ever decide to part with the Ronin truck or mounts, please let me know.

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or $1200 for the complete, as originally listed. Ty