September 2nd + 3rd ☀️🎲 LAS VEGAS 🇺🇸 ESK8ER Squad RIDE - Downtown Las Vegas - OPEN INVITE

Ok @ekitesurfer @Pablo_702 @thisrealhuman and whoever else

Not sure of anyone’s schedule and the temps at night are getting better…

I’d like to plan a group ride for September so we can put in our calender.

Plan is to start at the Stratosphere and head down to Downtown…buzz the tourists … And make our way back to the Crown & Anchor in the Art District for some drinks

This is open to anyone that will be here when we pick a date.

Once we pick a date I’ll post up on Craigslist to invite maybe more DIYers or boosted or evolve owners


Just let me know :wink:

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I have friends at SLS, Stratosphere, Tropicana …I use to work at the Westgate…but I don’t want to put you there lol

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How about a first friday ride every month:)


I’m ok with that…not sure if @Pablo_702 and @thisrealhuman are working…

Wacky Vegas work schedules


Down for whatever date im off by 8pm every night


My issue is having some one watch the kids lol

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Y’all should ride up to Reno! Haha

Lol hahha … Need more lipos for the group lol


Come down to Vegas … I can see if I can find a good rate. You

We will have some go pros going this ride … So expect to be filmed


If it’s a Saturday or Sunday night I’ll be there. I think it’s important that I tell you all that I was stopped by an unmarked cop downtown last week on my way to work. Since we are going to be in that area, it’s important that we have bright colored clothing and a tail light mounted on your arm or head. We don’t need to stay on the sidewalk, but even at a DEAD four way stop all traffic laws must be followed.

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Lol well if you go against lights…walking, biking or skating they are gonna stop you …and I got stopped with party lights and everything…why because I went through lights …but that was to get away from an accident scene … I don’t wear any lights except on the board…passed a million cops and never a problem …

As long as we aren’t breaking laws … We will be solid

Edit: and for sure I ride more reckless than you … I almost never ride sidewalks…

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The sidewalks have the best waves though. Honestly, I think any electric mobility device faster than 10mph should not be allowed on any sidewalk for the safety of the pedestrians, but having power means explaining power, and I will not break the illusion with local pd that my device is essentially a toy. This is why we are allowed on the sidewalks of the strip as long as we move at walking speed, but that’s no fun.

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How about second Saturday’s then?

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This would be cool! I’d need to know pretty far in advance, if I need to take a day off. Some weekends wouldn’t be a problem.


Just let us know man…

We can go a little faster here in Vegas at night :dash::wink:

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Ok we are gonna have a two part Vegas Meet up…

SEPT 2 & 3rd

First Friday is Next Week… And the following day Saturday night

@Pablo_702 and @thisrealhuman

Heads up

Met up and did a short ride with @ekitesurfer and my buddy Josh to DTLV … Went well

So please put in ur calendars … It shall be an evening ride on both dates.

Should be Fabulous! Exact time and location TBA


As always…

OPEN Esk8er SQUAD RIDE if anyone so happens to be in VEGAS!!!

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