Serenity | Arbor Axis 40 Bamboo | Atlas 48º 180MM RKP TRUCKS | Torque Boards 6374 190KV Motor | Custom Mount

Hello Great Big World Wide Web

Let me introduce, my name is Mike, and I like going for long skate board rides on the beach boardwalk. Been on a skateboard my whole life, but only recently jumped into the longboard game, so a lot of this side of things is new to me. I was gifted with computer and electronics skills when I was a kid, and became a man doing nothing but solving some of the craziest problems in construction restoration business.

So lets get talking about this board I got, and the idea I have for it (that still needs to grow). I picked up an Arbor Axis 40 Bamboo with Atlas Trucks last year. Love the board, perfect set up for me in the city I’m at. We don’t have the smoothest roads roads up here in the Great White North, so having a board be as flexible as possible for me was key. Also got a set of THE ORANGATANG CAGUAMA 85mm wheels on there, love them. Board by itself just cruises :sunny:

My idea is to build my own battery using Samsung 30Q 18650 3000mAh 15A, thinking maybe a 12s7p set up, but still have to do a bunch of planning and research before I finalize any decision. Custom made fiberglass enclosure, really excited to building this. I’ll be able to get the exact shape I need, light weight, flexible, really only concerned with it cracking with the screw holes, but I’m sure I can solve that problem if it comes up. Defiantly going to want a dual (potential quad) drive motor set up, using two 6374 190KV Torqueboards motors, maybe two 6380 170KV instead, haven’t done any of the math yet to figure out where I will land on that decision.

Now into the stuff I’m researching now. Motor mounts… I assume I will never be able to find them for my Atlas trucks, so if that leaves me making my own, that’s fine, but not really what I wanted to do as it won’t be me, but my machinist. Rather buy something I already know works well and is very reliable… So if I have to buy new trucks as well, I’ll do it, but I love the ones I have.

Haven’t looked into ESC yet, open to any suggestions!!! Also interested in having it linked with Bluetooth to my phone, so I can see how my batteries are doing.

Open to any and all suggestions. Going to do a bunch more research as now I’m more focused on what I want to do. Long, like really really LONG rides, reliability, SPEED and TORQUE are both equal, and if this thing becomes a crazy board at the end, good, my builds usually are :smile:

As for what follows, just some fancy photos so you guys can see the board I’m working with.

arbl40001_1_1 Atlas-Longboard-Truck-48-Green-34 35_PM_1800x

Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing any and all thoughts…


Planning is key, so points for that. For long rides I would advise Pneumatics Bergemeisters from @riverside.rider Timo. For great trucks and mounts, Surfrodz TKP for cruising/carving, RKP for speed. For mounts: @moon bug, @Boardnamics , @psychotiller , @Mikaelj . For pulleys: Moon/Timo. Also if you go with dual 6355, gearing for torque, the range should increase so you won’t need so many batteries


if you want suchh a monster battery, you’re gonna have to make it a flexible pack considering your board is flexy

Thanks @meesie for your reply. Definetly making the battery pack flexible is a key concern. I know the intial setup on it is going to be intense the first time around, but I’ve got a pretty good idea of how to achieve this. That is also why I was planning on building the carbon fiber enclosure.

@Grozniy thanks for the advice, never seen ANY of those products you listed. Those Bergemeisters look sweet for a little off roading, was planning on getting both a street and off road setup.

This is why I like talking these things out, difference of opinion is key!