Series cable 4 batteries

Hi, can I buy somewhere this cable for 3 baterrys in series (or 4)?

Just make it on your own or pay someone to make it for you

Around 50bucks and you can get ad decent soldering station. This is really not hard to do with the right tools. For example

I got a 50w station from Aldi for like 11$ and it works really good for the past 6 months

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I can make u one if you want to buy the wires and connectors and ship it to me. PM me if interested

I highly recommend making one. It’s lots of fun!

I agree, it’s fun and it’s good to learn how to solder if ur doing this type of thing. However, offer still stands

That’s four batteries in series.

I’m rolling over this comment. I hope that lasts for you…

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For a while I bought the cheap solder irons. Just grind tips and replace. They make good foam cutters now

Its parkside, also i got like a 3 year warranty and can return it within a year for a refund i think

octopus hands how are they?!!