(Seriously)I Need You 2cents

Ok I’m here to gather and maybe give back not sure yet. The last couple of weeks or may I say the last 2 months I have searching and looking and experimenting for a specific size mountainboard that was on a budget. Hoping to find something that is under $180 but long enough for a comfortable stance. Something with enough concave to turn a lil’ easier. Something thats not trampa or mbs. I have looked thru all their sites and decks but none are wide or long enough to my liking. (No pun intended lol) I started with an ebay deck that surprisingly ended up being pretty awesome but too short and only 9in wide so turning was very difficult. Just this past month I tried to fit my trucks on a regular longboard back and cracked it when trying to just lean on it. So I said I need more reading, more time, and more diy because I cant find something cost effective. So my question is should I put my skill to the test and build “the” mboard of my liking or give in and just buy the longest and widest mboard I found? Please help with any info u have it will greatly be appreciated. Here are some pics so I can see what I have been working with.

My wife’s deck (she was mad lol) 9 ply longboard Capture%20_2019-01-29-21-59-13 These are my 2 mboards trampa carver deck And ebay deck 10ply 35in long 9 in wide which just looks like a regular skateboard deck which was reinforced 20190129_220015

That wood deck looks dried out and unsealed. Probably why it cracked so easily. Amazon has some descent boards for good prices. I’d go with the carver though. Just me


Oh come on…:expressionless::expressionless:

Thanks laffs

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@J0ker3366 I’ve check them out and none at a good length all 37in or less or 9in wide now lacroix was interesting but way too much for my interest. @b264 Idk ill ask him when I see him hahaha jk

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What would @chaka do?

Probably make some chorizo tacos? Why do you ask, I thought you had this hobby figured out?

@Lambjr088 whatever you end up doing be sure to check out the direct drives from etoxx.


I will definitely do that lol and if u have any of those tacos left send me some hahaha now I’m not good a designing and my pencil skills suck asshat but I will be trying to draw something put today and in the following week will post what I came up with if anyone has any ideas of how a decent mboard should look like u guus can may be bounce some ideas this way all ur help is appreciated even the jokes r helpful thanks guys

Are you going to press your own deck? A mtb has a some really tight bends so you will need a lot of pressure to do it.

Most likely I will im not to worried about the pressure my brother is a mechanic and industrial welder and he has 4 of the 5 ton press I figured that would help I all need to make would be the mold and even of its not perfect it would only be a build for myself making something like this to sell to others might not be the best thing at the moment

That will get the job done. Check this vid by BC longboards. You can use 2 of those shop presses and get the job done. Shaping molds by hand can be tedious but it isn’t impossible. My first few molds were made by hand.

Was sad to see this crew break up. :frowning:


Break up? They ended the thing or they have two separate companys now?

They ended up having some differences and the company was dissolved.

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That sucks cuz the way they made boards was magical

Yeah but a lot of work for two guys. Interesting way to do graphics right @chaka ? :wink:

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I wouldnt consider it work if its something u love doing. Seeing it as they just started 2 new board making companies it looks like they have fun

Do you really think that all this dust, epoxy fumes and working hours are fun after a while? If it’s so fun why are they not doing it still? Fun is only when you have steady business and good people around you to do hard work that you could focus on designing,experimenting and enjoying your own products.


Of course not everyone loves building it may not be for u but look at the diverse builder we have on the forum. All do different things have different skills and bring something of their own to the table. I see everyone that posts on here gets help from those that love doing this sure it may b hard but the love comes from a finish product they put together and get to enjoy when all the work is done. Now ive been in a lot of positions from being homeless to now working in simple retail, construction and fast food. Ive seen the love in poeple when they do what they like everything will take work but its getting to the end of that, that will bring the fulfillment and joy just ask other builders about their experience.

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