Set speed modes in Flipsky VX2 pro theme control

Hi, buy the Flipsky VX 2 pro control that has the option of switching between 3 speed modes. My build is Direct Drive elofty + vEsc 4.2 dual plus + 10s4p. I already set my vEsc with the vEsc Tool (it’s not my first build, it’s already the third one). But all my remote controls were always more basic.

Is there a way to set the maximum and minimum of each mode?

Speed modes changes the acceleration but not the top speed of the board.

Hey, @Waiboard. Following because I have a problem with my control that doesn’t allow me to change between modes.

However, I’m imagine you would need to use a BLDC-TOOL. I understand it’s much like the open vesc software, but apparently it’s possible with it.

Here are some topics about it:

If you succeed, please let me know, as I’m not very experienced yet.

@thi4g0tk Thank you very much! I’m going to look at the information