Setup Bms and the best option for 12s2p

Hello, I currently have two batteries in series for my configuration 12s2p (44,2 V; 3000Amp )of my skate, every time I want to load the Lipos I need to make a couple of disconnections and load them. I want to ask you what BMS I could buy and how it is setup so that I do not have to do this type of disconnections every time I want to load my Lipos

These are my lipos:

A simple 12s BMS wired in for charge only will do the job :wink:

@thisguyhere might have some

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As for setup, when all batteries are connected in the config u are using put the positive probe of multimeter in the positive of the main output connector and test each balance wire of each battery and mark them 1,2,3 etc as the voltage goes up. The highest voltage will be b12 and 0v is b13

I have this think for setup BMS.


Hi, this BMS could be?