Setup Recommendations for 240lb rider?

Hi all. I am getting really interested in designing an building an electric long board with large diameter wheels, like the Onda Longboard or a mountain board. This will be my first build, though I designed and built lots of drones and 1/8th scale RC cars, so I am guessing some of the skills will carry over.

I am 6’2" and about 240lb, and only some of that is fat :). I am working on getting back into shape, but even when I was in a really good shape, I was still north of 210lb. Plus I want to carry about 20+lb of gear with me in a backpack on occasion. So I really want to build a board with max capacity of 300lb and something that can hit 18-20MPH and go up hill (not necessarily at the same time :wink: ).

So, I am guessing, at least a dual motor setup, but any other recommendations? Most decks are rated for 250lb. Is it a good idea to just reenforce the middle with a CF beam, or are there decks that can handle 300lb? I really love the look of the Onda, so kind of want to keep that look.

Any ideas are much appreciated. Thank you!

I think you need to get yourself a car :wink: lol

U can do it with enough motor and a battery and escs that can put it out. Really depends on what you call doing hills

Yep, have one of those :slight_smile: 2 actually. Used to ride sport bikes too. Now want to try this. I think a good reenforced mountain board with dual motor setup would work really nice, but wanted to hear from someone my size, just so I can buy right stuff without experimenting too much.

I’m just messin’ with y’all. I’m about 90kg ands I only have one 230kv 50/74 and it drags my arse around no problems…

Why dont you take a look at my mountain boards? take some inspiration from them. If there is a weight limit… i havent found it. With gear, i weigh close to 250lb and it has zero issues with hills or terrain.