Setup, will it work?

Hi guys

Ive been doing some reserch in here.

I want to build my own esk8…

i am on a budget and considering parts:

im considering the SK3 213kv i understand that a 6S battery pack would do for this motor, is that correct? Im considering the X-Car 150, is it any good?

They have a 120a but its not in stock…

Im not a heavy guy and im considering it for easy comuting in the city. I Don’t need to go 30Mph

Thanks! Elad

all of that should work fine.

Since the x-car 150 is 70’ish $ - i might suggest spending an extra 15-20$ and getting VESC. it will let you run >6s! Better braking, and more configurable.

If you get the x-car - don’t forget to get a programming card! They have a simple one and LCD one. The LCD version is ~16$ more. Again - you’re now at VESC costs (or super close). But w/ the x-car you are limited to 6s or less. Where the VESC is up to 12s (w/ your motor chosen i’d go 8-10s max to avoid 60k ERPM issue).

my .02. GL!

I have used the X-car on at least 5 builds now and I have never seen one fail. they are solid as a rock so long as you don’t need more than 6S.


thank you for your advise. This is exactly my dilema… Originally i thought of buying an even cheaper ESC but i shouldnt be cheap on a device like this (the whole esk8 should be good, no one wants to get hurt for just a few bucks…)

And now that im approching VESC figures im considering it. @lowGuido have you try the VESC?

Yeah i have 3 VESC’s.

If you are building a new budget setup, will you take the vesc or esc?

I would only use VESC if i needed more than 6S. If you only need 6S then the xcar is sufficient. Everyone here raves about VESC but they aren’t that special.

Also i dont know where everyone is getting their VESC’S from but round here they are $200 or more. Xcar is $70

thanks! Lets see what wheels and gear ratio i’ll have and figure it out

My two pennies (only talking about streetboards): Car ESC for 6s boards - much more power. (running a xcar 150A too) More than 6s - nicer to get a Vesc

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DIY has them for $100