SF Bay Area Esk8 Group + Group Ride 7/23 @ 1pm in Dahlia Park at GG park

Pete just set a time…if I can make it I can make it…if I can’t … boohoo …

Get your group rides going

Word, If anyone has a trail they recommend, I’d like to have that finalized before I announce the event, taking suggestions :slight_smile:

This looks awesome, I’m going to school in SF for a while and I’ll definitely join. Now I just need a board that doesn’t catch fire :’(

Here’s the event

I try to be there

I’d be down but I’m going out into the desert this weekend :frowning:

Hey @evoheyax, Looks like the SF marathon is tomorrow and goes through GG park, do you know if it’s closed to bicycle traffic as well?

no idea, will look into it further. But most of GG park is part of the marathon. GG bridge, and the embarcadero.

It says 5:30 am to 12:30 pm though, so maybe it’ll be ok later, like 2 pm?

Ah true, since we’re meeting up at 1pm should be okay

sounds good!!

They said there’s gonna be some major traffic tomorrow in the GG. The park roads will be closed till 2pm.

It says roads will be open by 11am according to the gg park website

We meeting here?

Yep, dahlia garden is just right of the conservatory

Holy crap I found free parking and got here with zero traffic

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told you you’d be fine!



Man, I wish i could have come down there and rode with you guys. Seems like conditions were perfect today. How was the ride?

That’s a pretty solid sampling of different boards there too. :thumbsup: If only there was someone with a MTB/AT boards too…:thinking:

It was def a different kind of group ride lol…

But glad to meet everyone and have a chance to talk to all face to face