SF Bay Area Esk8 Group + Group Ride 7/23 @ 1pm in Dahlia Park at GG park

Created a group for anyone interested in joining and meeting up!

@evoheyax @Hummie @korryh

Driving up tomorrow

Nice! business or pleasure?

Pleasure and some esk8con business

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Awesome, let me know if i can do anything to help

Same here. Did you bring any boards to ride?

I’m pretty busy but could stop quick to say hi. my board has one half shorted motor right now.

Are you going to be in the city or surrounding areas.

Yeah a brought two boards

Currently still driving up

Saw this guy on the 15 leaving vegas today


Poor bastard lost everything. That’s why I stay away from Vegas. That and $20 drinks and 120°+ weather. Wonder where homeboy was heading?

@Michaelinvegas What part of the Bay Area are you going to visit?

Had I known you were taking pictures I would have put some clothes on

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Lol…yeah def not expecting my girl to tell me there is a naked dude walking down the middle of the highway…accident yes …naked dude no…

I’m here till Saturday then to San Francisco till Monday then back to Elk Grove then home Wednesday… I’ve got the family with me…so any meet ups prob in the City…

Keep you posted

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So wait, are we going out riding around the Bay Sunday?

lol I’m trying to figure out some time…

I do plan to meet up with Dave Evans from Inboard for the Esk8Con… so…ugh… I wanna group ride but ugh…

@Jinra and I were aiming for a ride this Sunday anyways. Half of GG park is closed to car traffic on Sundays, and the main roads are butter. So it’s a great place to meet up on Sundays.

Maybe we can skate over to Bradford & Tompkins and try our hand at a 41% grade hill :smiling_imp:

haha, I wish I had hummies motors running now. I got a short in one of/maybe both of the back motors. I was running sensored for a week or so and man, that board was a beast.

Running the 4wd carvon v2’s. They would be half bad if I could sensored them, but without sensors, acceleration is weak, but top speed in pretty crazy.

Basically, not ready for a 41% grade hill. Wish we had another week. Were putting together the first of the big motors this week, but they likely won’t be ready by Sunday.

Sunday at GG is doable as long as it’s after 12 … I’d def have to check with the fam

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Keep us updated! And @Jinra maybe if something is actually happening you could potentially make a fb event page that way other people will see that there are actually people coming? Just a suggestion.

It’s been posted in the Bay Area Esk8 group. Really waiting on word from Michael though