SF Bay Area Group ride "Bunny Slopes" Commencing 9/3!

Event page https://www.facebook.com/events/118551632140874/

@Mobutusan @RebellionBoards @evoheyax @Hummie @korryh

This is a casual group ride with nice level terrain for which all boards (Boosted & One wheel included) should last. Let’s meet at the Penguin statue (see event pic) at 11am and we’ll leave at 11:30.

We’ll do a nice casual ride around the lake, then stop by Burger Meister in Westlake for lunch.

Assuming we’re allowed to charge at the restaurant, we’ll end the GR with one last reverse route around the lake

Make it out if you can!

damn I hope I have the new motors by then…the old board has been cannibalized. one day I will be there at the meet count on it and I hope to bring some orange cones and we can compete against the LA folks in the figure 8 course!! after a leisurely cruise around the lake first if I can hold it in.

@BigBoyToys can you tell the simple rules on the 8-course?

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That sounds awesome!

The cones were 20m apart and the starting/finishing line (marked with tape or chalk) was 5m behind and slightly to the side of the nearest cone. Time starts from a dead stop at the line. You accelerate past the closest cone and start your 1st turn around the more distant cone. The time stops when you cross the starting/finishing line at the end of the 5th lap.

@NummThumz, any details to add or clarify regardiing the course or event?


You pretty much got it. Only thing that I would add is that if the cone gets knocked over, the run is void. Be sure to use some masking tape to mark where the cone needs to go so that you can replace it if it gets knocked over. Also, make sure your cones are heavy enough to not get moved by the wind. We had some tiny cones and had to stack 4 or 5 of them on top of each other to give them enough weight to not get blown across the parking lot. Have someone count out the lap as the person comes by because people will lose track when riding. Can’t wait to see how it goes! Awesome that you are trying this on a cruise!


this is a classic event to me that we can do anywhere in the world that’s flat. This so far is the “sport” of eboarding. I’ll be missing this event but will get it going in the future ones.


Just saw this, sounds fun but work decided to send me to China. I will be back tomorrow but not sure how coherent I will be in Monday. Definitely next time if I’m in town.

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sounds good! next time then