Share your local market finds

I thought it might be cool for us to pass on good deals to others that we don’t need or show what we managed to find from the local and internet markets.

Share your finds and help others get a good deal.

Edit: As suggested make sure you mention the location of the items, Perhaps at the start of your post so that people can quickly see where it is.

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I’ll start this off with a board I’ve just found in Wales that I don’t need right now but is a good deal for someone.

It’s a new AOB (German) Plutonite Deck in the newest graphics. The guy has even grip taped it.

€169 new €52 on Facebook

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There was a guy in Brighton (UK) elling some good gear on Facebook the other day

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I’ve been wanting to start a thread like this for all the used decks around me


Can people post what general geographic location they are in? I feel like excessive shipping would defeat the purpose on some of these finds!

Both of those messages have the location on them :grin:

Just make sure you put it in the body of your post I suppose

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That’s an amazing deal wowzer

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Erm I take that deal back, I think my friend is having it. :joy:


Boltbase for any type of stuff like bolts etc Cheaper than any hardware store and has every type of bolts Only i didnt menage to find A4 inox

The ebay/amazon store boltbase?

I know about the ebay one



Be fun electrifying that one

And this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Recently came upon these on ebay:


With some modification, it should be possible to fit them and try them out :thinking:

Could be cool with two one wheel hub motors

Or local ad of the same board

I really want some cheap tires. We should group buy trampa boards :thinking: