She's Home Alone | Landyachtz Nine Two Five | Caliber II Trucks | 6374 190kV | 12S

First Build So I recently finished high school and am taking a gap year instead of heading straight to university (I needed the break). I need something to do whilst I am not working and I always envied YouTubers with their electric skateboards, so I decided to build my own. The board will get me out of the house on good days, get me to work and to my girlfriend’s house :wink:

My budget is not huge, but luckily thanks to @Funga, I am able to grab some of my parts at a cheaper price and he is located in Australia which is a plus for me. Although they are used, I am hoping they last me a while without any failures. Unfortunately, not all the parts he had were what I wanted so some purchases for new parts had to be made.

Parts Landyachtz Nine Two Five (Used) Torqueboards 6374 190kV (Used) Enertion 4.12 VESC (Used) Torqueboards 12S2P with enclosure (Used) Mini Remote (Used)

Purple Caliber II Trucks 36T Wheel Pulley and 14T Motor Pulley DIYes Reverse Mount and Clamp 97mm ABEC Flywheels 75a

Build I currently have the wheels and trucks that I purchased today. I love the color of the purple trucks and the wheels are huge!

I will be receiving a parcel from DIYes tomorrow or the day after, and should be picking up the rest of the parts from @Funga soon as well.

One thing I am uncertain of, is whether I will lose initial acceleration and torque due to using 97mm wheels. On other builds, I have seen people using 83mm wheels with great acceleration and torque, so hopefully it’s not lacking too much. Any insight would be great.

Will post updates.


Ordinarily, coming from an 83mm setup, with 16-36 gearing and a single 6355 motor, you would probably feel better acceleration overall, or almost the same, even with the wheel size change.

1, your gear ratio 14:36 will help you, as it provides more torque than the standard 16-36 2, you’ve got a 6374 motor, which is way better than a single 6355.

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Awesome, that’s good to hear. Thankful that I decided to get a 14T motor pulley now :slight_smile:

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More parts arrived this morning :slight_smile:


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Yeah that was a good move on your part. I’ve heard it does give a noticeable difference in torque output.


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Picked up the rest of the parts and fully completed the board today.

The phase wires are the perfect length and I have plenty of clearance underneath the board. The motor is a bit more scratched up than I’d like but it doesn’t really matter that much. After lining up the motor mount, I used two-part epoxy to set it in place which seemed to work wonders after leaving it to dry overnight.

One problem I did run into, was trying to drop through mounting the trucks. The Torqueboards Clamp wouldn’t allow me to get the motor in the right position when the trucks were drop through mounted so I had to top mount them. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to drop through mounting plates so it doesn’t look as nice but it is very stable. If anyone has any insight on this, feel free to let me know.

After completing it, I was very excited to take it out for my first ride. This board is fast, or it might be me haha. Never using full throttle, I had no trouble getting up inclines and the 97mm Flywheels are great, I barely felt anything I rode over.

I am very happy with my build, and will certainly be using it as much as I can.


There you go boy!! I hate when they use motors on frontal truck installation. Never undesrtood that idea. Supposedly the motors are positioned there for protection… protected from what? The first rock that sneaks below is gonna hit the motors. Whilst motors behind the truck are protected by the whole truck system.

Yeah I find it scrapes less and I just think it looks way better haha

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Muchhhhhh betterr!

The reason to put the motors in front of the trucks (underneath the board), is so that you can use the boards kickball and also be able to stand the board on end without damaging the motor


Lucky for the rest of us the board has two ends. Most don’t even come from the skateboard world so they don’t even try to kicktail the dang thing. In that scenario having the motors underneath is inconsecuential.

:arrow_up: this, and more of this. With the motor in the back you can’t use your tail. Without a tail, I’m not interested.


Yeah not being able to stand the board on the motor side is a bit annoying but since I don’t have a kick tail deck, I thought I’d try reverse mount. Like I said before, I love the way it looks.

Everyone has their own preferences, that’s what diy is all about

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My mounts will come with bumper capability in case I want to stand the thing on the motors end.

sweet build! im wanting to build basically the same thing, how have the used parts held up? and what was the total costs?