Shipping battery packs from Eu to US impossible?

Has anyone sucsesfully managed to ship battery packs from Europe to United States?

I am travelling to the us and I want to take my 10s4p battery pack with me. I just called UPS and they’ve said that it is impossible to ship packs over 100wh ???

is there anyway to ship it?

Try to ask @fedestanco

Would love to hear from @fedestanco if there is any solution. Anyone else ? I could try taking the battery on the plane but there is a risk they will take it from me:(

Almost impossible. @DilatedPupils Is stil waiting for his battery bescause ups kind of sequestered it. I am having horrible times trying to get it back from the customs. Anyway he will receive a refund in the next days if I can’t figure out how to make this f****ing shipping possible.

Probably dpd allows this kind of shippings but once the pack arrives in America the final delivey courier may refuse to deliver it. So the answer is : you could even manage to ship uranium, but the probability of crazy costs / delivery failure is very high.

I think there is a special portion of FedEx that accepts them. It is going to be expensive (almost as much as buying an eboard) but if it’s necessary FedEx is the way to go. I’ll try to find out what it is.

For how many days are you gonna be in US?

I’ve heard of options to buy lipos at destination… but depending on visit time, you’ll probably need to sell them off to someone or get rid of them otherwise… as shipping batteries really seem to be a pain… especially for international flights…

I’ve heard a few stories of sticking a 100wh label onto the battery n such… but you have to look into some other threads about this

Maybe we should start a visit-my-country-and-lend-my-battery kind of thing :smiley:

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Wouldnt be a bad idea :smiley: