Shipping issues with Enertion?

Just wondering what you guy’s experiences have been with Enertion? I’ve had 1 really great experience and 1 not so great experience so far. I’m not really sure what to think of the negative experience so far as I’ve actually just become more frustrated every time I talked to their customer service.

Here’s the short story…

I ordered a complete Raptor (order #6687) last month in October. Literally got it and was up and running with it in 20 days from purchase to shipped to my house. Awesome! Loved that! Well I decided to make another order a week after my complete Raptor purchase to get some extras that I new I would need. A spare battery, fast charger, and some extra belts ($493.49usd)(order #7095). On October 24th I received an email stating that that order had shipped. Problem starts here. They gave me the same tracking number that was given to me for my complete Raptor order that I had already received. Simple mistake I thought. That can get fixed pretty easily. My first contact with customer service and they only regurgitated the same tracking number in the 6 contact emails I sent them. So I contacted again and said that it looked like I already received the battery and charger. What they were seeing is that I received the battery and charger from my complete Raptor purchase. I had a second order which is very clear in my order history. Two totally separate orders with totally different order numbers. I finally get someone (Ossama) on the chat line and he says that he’s see’s where they screwed up and that yes, I am still owed a spare battery and charger. He put my order on the battery list and will be shipped out early the next week and I’ll have a correct tracking number. So… here it is… two weeks later now. I contact again via the chat line today and was told that they will have to get back to me sometime without even asking what the problem with my order was. It’s been a month now just trying to figure out what $500 orders tracking number or if they have even figured it out.

Have you guys experienced anything like this with them before. Do you have any ideas what I can do in order to get them to just call their battery dealer in order to get a tracking number? Not really sure what I need to do and I don’t want to just cancel my order yet considering I’ve already waited a month. Something’s definitely wrong here as I’ve ordered a ton of things in my lifetime and never had something like this happen.

As you can see. They gave me the same tracking number for orders that are weeks apart. Weird…

I’d message @onloop here, see what he can do for you. He’s responsive and wants to help, Im sure. Just remember, this ain’t Wal-Mart :slight_smile:

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Oh I know this isn’t Wal-Mart. I would never spend the kinda money I spent on this board at Wal-Mart. :wink:

LOL, if you did it would just be a rebranded Acton :). He really is a super helpful guy, I’ve never personally bought anything from him, but I bugged the crap out of him when I was deciding on parts and he was awesome. I am most likely going to buy a space cell 3 in the next month or so, knee deep in an aluminum board project right now, so I am interested in the resolution on your issue. Good luck and yell if I can help.

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Lol. Yep. @onloop is a helpful guy. It’s why I continue to support his company. I literally have another $800 in parts in my shopping cart at the Enertion site right now. I’m just waiting to see if I can get my previous order figured out first. Also going to pre-order the new Raptor 2 in a week. Thanks a lot for your input. I appreciate it!

@onloop Can you help me out at all?

I’ve had similar issues with them doing the ball on shipping and later asking me to pay for shipping again. As far as small business go, I’m into surprised.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t get the better of them.

Have you contacted their support?

Can you read? He contacted them dozen of times

try PM onlop, he usally gets back to me within hours

Lol. I didn’t read the whole post. Calm down.

don’t you work in enertion support yet? they need people like you!



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I don’t blame you. It’s way too long.

@onloop got a hold of me and shortly after I actually got a response with an actual tracking number! Damn. I’m glad I posted here as this actually helped the situation. I made another hefty order this morning. We’ll see how it goes this time.

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I had a nightmare experience with Enertion that still isn’t resolved. My experience started when they first started accepting pre orders for the dual complete. It was supposed to ship in February I believe (could have been April, irrelevant at this point) it didn’t end up shipping until late July! I had stressed so much about how I needed the board for this skating trip in July. Despite the many months past due for delivery they did manage to get it to me the day before my trip. Keep in mind this was lots of emails trying to get answers with no luck. So when I get to my destination and want to go skate with my intl friends… I had the rear wheels spinning in opposite directions, unreal, this means there was ZERO quality control before shipping my board, frustrated that I am on my holiday, supposed to be skating with my friends and relaxing… Now I’m scrambling to get this resolved… I email support and of course no replies at all. Do I took the board to a drone shop and they did the repair for me and cost me $200. I forgot to tell them but one wheel kept stopping, this turned out to be a common issue and turns out that both of my motors were shooting and the VSEC were done for, this was on arrival to me… So after more emails I finally get instructions to ship the board to Florida ON MY DIME. Add another $85 to my already insanely expensive board plus the 200 from before. The board sat in Florida for a month!! And this was not the techs fault, he put In the request for the replacement VSEC right away… After a month with no response from Enertion or tracking or anything, the tech (LHB) was nice enough to use 2 from his personal supply, if we waited on Enertion the board would still be sitting in the garage in Florida…
I got the board back and it’s not good… The throttle is so jerky that it’s unreliable… The brakes are scary as hell, they will go from not stopping fast enough to totally locking up with a mm movement on the throttle. I am an experienced E-Skate rider and don’t want to ride my Raptor due to how unreliable it is. I asked for reimbursement for my expenses and of course they would not cooperate. Then I asked to return the board for a refund and they said it was outside the time I could return it… Unreal, I barely got to ride it, how can the time be up? Smh… I’m so disappointed, I REALLY wanted to love Enertion… I have an Evolve GT on the way and am stoked.

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Although I can relate to your issues. (shorts in motors from that batch and bad customer service) You should’ve brought this to the community earlier. For example, the reversing wheel is just changing one of the three wires going to the vesc (2mins of your own time and 0 $ ) Be glad @longhairedboy is such a nice fella and helped you out making a buffer for enertion. But this community could’ve gotten you up and running for your trip in no-time! For the harshness. Play with the max motor amps. If you put them to 40 I’m guessing it will be perfect for your desires. As for brakes. put them on -12

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Sorry about your problems Socal, We offer 12 months warranty. email [email protected] for help