Shipping question

Can anyone recommend a postal service to post an electric skateboard from uk to Australia safely

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Auspost 10char

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Iā€™m not sure that will work, he wants to send a board from the UK to Australia.

@B-b-q-tom will the board have a battery installed when you send it?


Hi yeah , uk to Australia with batteries (12s4p) looking into a company called but not too convinced on their reviews

In that case you will need someone who can do dangerous goods shipments, and the board will go either sea or on a cargo only aircraft.

Most shippers will have a member of staff who is licensed to do that so it should not be a problem but make sure you let them know the package contains a device with a li-ion pack installed and the watt hour of the pack or you could be in for a world of pain

I have no idea of the watt hour , 12s 4p , samsunsung 30q , so 3000 x 48 = 144,000 w/h That cannot be right lol

Google it.

And by it I mean how to calculate wh. another way would be looking up Samsung Q30ā€™s cell wh capacity should be written somewhere.

I make that 532.8 wh

this is my favourite calc:

Ahh yes , think I got my head round it Thankyou David banner , add up the 4 cells in parallel and then multiply by the voltage