Shock absorption idea

I’m trying to improve shock absorption and noise from my topmount deck (LY Switch Owl 40) and was wondering if anyone tried this.

Something like the X thing on top and using two shock pads one on top and one on bottom sandwiching the deck.

It seems like it’ll improve the ride comfort more than just one shock pad at the bottom but could it also cause instability to the ride?

Anyone tried it?


Get 107mm wheels or better yet get some 6 shooters they make a huge difference

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I like this. Interested to see where this will go!

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Why not use some Stabilise Trucks


Wheels make the biggest difference in my experience. What size and duro wheels are you running?

Avenue trucks for the win…also good skateboard insoles and a flex deck…reflex thane in any size wheel…

97 abec 11 reflex in front and 90mm hubs in the back with some riser pads to even out. No pads in front.

With the hubs you’re going to be somewhat limited. Pad on top would be an interesting experiment. I had the raptor 1 which vibrated like crazy, I did Abec 11 wheels and softer risers, but adding all that together AND riding in running shoes finally made it tolerable on less than perfect roads.

I’m on the waiting list for the X thing, but can’t seem to find simple mounting plate. I though it would be pretty common for topmounting on drop through decks.

Hey man. Which avenues are you using? and whats your setup? I have been trying to dampen my board. Its so stiff :frowning:

My X things…

You wouldn’t need the X things, you could just use washers or something.

One of my early ideas was to just use a bunch of bushings. 2 for each bolt, one on each side of the deck.

That was forever ago, and I still have never tried it.

You’re right just the washers could work as well. I’ll need to try that. But, I think it will cause a bit more slop compared to using a plate or the X thing. I’m thinking about cutting up a shock pad.