Should I buy an EUC?

I live on the beach, and while cruising along the path on an esk8 is really fun, I have seen an EUC For sale and I think its a pretty good deal. Does anyone have experience with these?

For reference, I am being offered a Kingsong 18L for about $600

Theyre fun, Im actually looking to get rid of my ninebot one c+. It doesnt get enough use anymore while im at school :v

I find that if youre riding in a loud environment like somewhere Urban, its challenging to hear the feedback from the Uni. Just something to think about :thinking:


I think the beach is usually pretty quiet, I’d like to ride on the closer path so not directly on sand but on a sandier path. Esk8 is a deathtrap over loose sand, you can’t brake properly.

What range do you get on your ninebot? The KS-18L Has a 1000Wh battery and I wasn’t sure what realistic consumption rates were for EUCs

I’d probably go for a uni with thick ass tires or one wheel XR

the thicker the better and you could then have fun on the beach…

People will hate on uni and onewheels but they all serve a different purpose and can be way more useful then esk8 in most scenarios where the roads aren’t perfect.

not sure of the ninebots battery size, but im sure there are more impressive packs. These cells dont seem to be terribly powerful. Samsung 22p at best?

e: for the love of Murphy and all that is holy, dont buy that OneWheel Pint :rofl:

Its 220Wh, so i might get up to 5x the range. 22P is actually a good cell for ebikes and EUCs because their motors are typically low amp. some ebikes only have like 8A motors

Yeah, I was talking about capacity wise

Its slightly better Mah/$ than 30Q but so much less dense that yea it kind of sucks when you’re making huge packs.