Should I cancel my Blink s2 for TORQUE Rocket FreeFlow?

Hey guys, Im not too sure if I should go on with this but Im planning to cancel my preorder of the blink s2 and preorder the TORQUE Rocket FreeFlow instead? I like the fact that the boards have that stealthy look and weight difference don’t seem to be that much of a difference which is good. I plan to use it to commute to campus and just have fun with it in general. In terms of price and quality, should I stick with the blink s2 or should I go with TORQUE Rocket FreeFlow? Thanks


Yes you should. The rocket performs much better and is light.

The specs on the free flow seem better than the blink s2 and IMO it looks waaaay cooler. Plus it’s always nice to support the DIY guys. If you can spare the extra coin then I’d definitely go with the free flow. Of course, you could always build your own :wink:

Absolutely! The TB Rocket is built on proven electrical and mechanical parts, the blink s2 is not. DIY/TB make great gear, you will be much happier with a Rocket than a chinese BLink s2 (said Shit x 2).

How durable are carbon fibre decks? I’ve seen a few Evolve GT’s carbon fibre decks break on reddit and just wondering how durable they are since I’ve never experienced being on a carbon fibre deck

Hell yes. That is all.

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Looks interesting, but he stole my boards name… I would reserve using strong words like “Rocket” for boards that will launch so quickly that most people will get knocked flat on their butt the first time they floor the trigger :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it probably does do that. Considering it’s 12s2p and 190kv dual motors.

Withoutafriggendoubt!!! How long has Torque been building parts and boards that have proven performance? And Acton?

No brainer.

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Everything I see on his site says 10s, and dual hubs with no KV mentioned…

I don’t think dual hubs that can reach 20 mph+ will knock you on your butt. Their no hubs on the market that powerful right now…

Well, you can fit a 12s3p in there. And perhaps a person that has never been on a esk8 will fall with dual hubs and 12s.

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Maybe so, but my point is that it’s not anything special when it comes to power…