Should I limit charging port amperage?

I am about to wire the charging port to the electronics and I can’t figure out whether it would be better (/safer /more professional) to limit the amps available at the charging port. My primary concern is that since the charging port will be wired directly to the BMS, it could potentially output quite a lot of current; and short circuit means are a lot considering it will be placed on the outside.

So I have few questions about electronics that is going to do the job (limiting the amperage to lets say 2amps considering my charger)

  1. What component should I put in the yellow circle (see drawing)? (How I would answer according to few web search: a resistor could be the right choice since it limits the current; considering ohm law V=IR— V is 36— I that I need is 2amps----then the resistor should be 18 ohm???)

  2. Should I put this component (resistor?) on the positive or on the negative? (I would say negative since electrons are coming from there)

Thank you

BMS link:


no you shouldn’t limit anything there. and you should only use female for any battery connections.

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@fedestanco once you’re up and running could you share your thoughts on the BMS. I like the LEDs it has, it’s cool that the BMS can show you that a cell pack is full charged.

Ok then I will leave it without limitation. Regarding the port itself I saw plenty of devices (laptops, overboards etc) with male connection on them.

Yes sure I will make a video about the BMS. I picked it up because of the charging/discharging throught same port; this way reg. braking will be super easy to setup.