Should i quit eskating also need help picking bushings and risers

i am 22 i haven’t ridden my board in the last 3 months over 25 miles per hr but ive been recently told to wear helmets but after wearing helmets and lugging it around I’ve realized the discomfort from wearing a helmet (i brought top of the line helmet so no i can’t find a more comfortable helmet) and lugging it around doesn’t justify the comfort of riding it as a last 10 miles solution. Considering the importance of wearing safety wear and etc and that i only need one accident to suffer a serious injury considering my insurance isn’t the best(i pay sub 300 usd a month)…

edit:I do value my safety and crashed a decent number of times over the past 3 years but always just jumped off and bailed at the first sign of trouble so i can slide on my ass avoid suffering further injuries, so my question is can i continue riding without a helmet or should i quit eskating as a mode of transport and hobby…

pls don’t be afraid to speak your mind but pls note when i ride most of the time i don’t mean the weekend joyride on a trampa i mean riding to and from work and i tend to ride extremely safely sometime almost going a little bit too slow…

i am 125 lb 5’11 i like low speed carving and have history of knee injury due to wrestling in high school so vibrations are rather painful for me so does anyone know what are the best riser or bushing i can get thanks

Wear a helmet, dont quit, and use pneumatic tires.

Also join as at the active forum…




Didn’t you purchase my board? I might be wrong. You have a set of numatic tires use them, your knees will thank you later. Risers and bushings are useless for vibrations. Get a compact helmet, there are foldable helmets available but without face protection. You can fold then and stash them in your bagpack. Riding without helmet is just too risky. Also don’t quit.


When you say top of the line helmet what are we talking about? Ones designed for skating are much lighter than say a motorcycle helmet and should not feel heavy. Also always wear a helmet it only takes one bad fall to cause fatal injuries.

you are right i purchased your tires i am currently using it on another board because i broke the enclosure on the board you sold me where can i get the same enclosure? something like this

aight mate

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you should quit if you won’t wear a helmet


yes preciate your input you are most likely right

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That was stealth 18 enclosure by physcotiller.

thx looking at it

yea i looked at a similar video… ill probably fix the board and hand it off to a friend if my salary get raised to over 40 per hr post tax ill probably start driving again since my car insurance premium has just gone down

you’re not wearing the right helmet

the kind that makes bystanders tingle inside

once you get used to it you’ll feel like less of a man riding in public without it. this is quite the reinforcement technique, you’ll find yourself thinking about wearing a lid less, and will just always habitually wear it

The helmet you linked is about 1-1.5kg heavier than a downhill/mtb helmet and meant for falling at 100+kmh. Theyre not useful in our situation because as you say, theyre incredibly heavy, bulky and expensive. Refund that helmet if you can and get a TSG Pass / Triple 8 Downhill and youd prefer it a fair bit more.

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have a look at the Fox Proframe helmet, it’s very light and Downhill MTB rated, when walking around and not riding i clip the chin strap around my backback strap and hardly notice it. there are usually ones on sale for under $200

if you live somewhere cold you may want less ventilation, for Texas this is perfect, when it’s 100 degrees it’s great.

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it isnt so much about the looks for me as much as the fact that i normally carry very little on me usually i can say since high school ive never carried more items than what i can stuff in a convenience store bag… partially due to the fact I have a history of losing things… so imagine what it is like having me to carry that is larger than a bowling ball and weighs more than my surface that i can’t even fit into a satchel… and when i hook the helmet on to the bag it hits me right in kidney/lower rib/hip …

i have a grey triple 8 from my acton… i don’t like it get sweaty ive been looking for a fordable helmet…

that is perfect i mean it looks like a pain to lug around but at least i dont have to deal with the stinky sweaty feeling in the summer

You should not under any circumstances ride without a helmet. I’ve been in healthcare for 15 years and have seen hundreds of injuries caused by low speed or small incident accidents.

Everyone approaches safety thinking they have to protect themselves from a fall from standing on a board, plus any sliding. Your fall is essentially a fall from standing, but the way you land has a huge impact on the … well impact that your head might experience. Head injuries are not just caused by the fall and landing on the head, the head injury is caused by a massive deceleration of the body as it hits the pavement that typically whips the head into the pavement. Second, you’re a moving object that’s not crashing on a racetrack lined with safety barriers. After a fall you’re sliding or tumbling down a street covered in debris and shrapnel, lined with 1+ ton parked cars, trees, fire hydrants, people sewer grates, construction changes etc. Practicing falling is a great thing to do. But don’t think you’re immune because you’re a good faller or never get hurt. You have to take into account the bad off balance fall, the fall and slide into stationary object, the get smoked by a car scenario and the mechanical failure eject you without warning scenario.

IMO, esk8 riders traveling over 20 mph should be in full faced helmets.

All too often, accidents are not your fault. But it doesn’t matter what your insurance is or who’s fault it is. You’re the one hurt, potentially permanently.

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