Should I shave down the enclosure area?

Alright guys I need some thoughts. I’m at the end stages of my second build and am running into an issue to where the lipo’s along with the concave of the board are causing the corners not to fasten down.

Initially I went with 10mm internal thread locks and screwed down the enclosure with m4 bolts. Wanted to go a simpler, cleaner way since the screw were giving me a hard time so I went with the 3m dual locking velcro. The stuff seems legit I just am wondering what I should do to get the velcro level? Should I sand down the enclosure area so the lipo’s will sit a little lower? Thoughts?

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  1. Use bolts or inserts, the velcro will come off eventually (yes, I know, it’ll last a while but it’s still lipos and not something fun to mess with)

  2. Use a heat gun to heat up the enclosure a bit and bend it into the shape you want it (use wood or foam blocks cut into the same shape as your lipos, avoid doing this with lipos in the enclosure as that is incredibly dangerous as well). You should then be able to fasten it down easily.

  3. If you have any other questions, @Deckoz is the man for inserts atm and @psychotiller is the man for enclosures


Ok. I’ll use the Velcro for a little as I spent $35 on it! Expensive Velcro but the pointers are helpful. Thanks!

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I would honestly grab some inserts

Here is a guide how to drill them

Here is a link to them

For the gaps. If your in the US, go-to a Michael and get some Neoprene art Foam sheets and cut some in the outline of your enclosure. To put between to fill the gaps.


@Deckoz you mention m4x20mm hex socket head screws to go into the m4x9.5mm nuts. Is 20mm going to be too long?

Also when do the washers come into play? Do I really need them?

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Washers widen the head of the bolt to provide clamping force. The heads are narrow and can pull through plastic enclosures like yours from vibration. Use a regular washer if you don’t want the anodized fender washers.

As far as the length. 20mm will give you enough room to make full contact depth of the insert. Plus a washer, and enclosure and foam.

The height adds up. If you think it’s to long try 16mm m4 instead. But a bolt the same length as the insert will do you no good. 20mm bolts work for most enclosures available.


Make a rubber gasket?

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