Should I use parallel or series

So, this is my first time making a electric skateboard. I bought a 6355/260kv motor( 3100 watt and max 80 amps); and I have three batteries( 3s(11.1 v) 5000 20c) they’re lipos. I was wondering should I connect the batteries in series or parallel.

I suppose your batteries are lipo batteries?

If yes, just series them up.

Series. Parallel would give you only 3s. That’s not going to work. Series will give you 9s, and with 5000mah probably around 18kms of range.

FWIW I ran a 260 @ 8s 5000mAh and it’s got loads of top end, not amazing torque. Works nice though. (Not to mention as @Yecrtz said 3s simply won’t power the board :slight_smile: