Show us your workshop!

You can’t build an eboard if you don’t have a working space… This thread is dedicated to the MAN CAVES we all spend so much of our time in. Please share your photos OR videos of your space.

here is a video tour of my recently renovated space…


WARNING: if you don’t want to see me drilling a hole in my finger use this link

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This is weird. I have been thinking about, and planning to start this exact thread for the last couple hours. I was also thinking that the only shop I’ve seen in any detail was yours, and posting pics of my narrow, barely adequate section of usable garage space would pale in comparison. So, well done!

Looking forward to seeing where the rest of you mad scientists create your monsters!

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I’m also curious to know what everyone’s favorite tool or workshop contraption is.

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Mine will be redone soon to accommodate my newly aquired CNC machine, but this is the general layout for now!


Lol TOO CLEAN! I’ll post mine after I tidy it up…

What’s the name of that deck that longhairedboy made? Looks sweet

We just sold our house and are in the final days before we move to a new house. My shop space is going to shrink, but the new place has some potential for a bigger Vac/form station and a larger oven!


haha, this pic is a couple months old, and right now I can assure you mine is a wreck… this xcarve produced so much sawdust, and my shopvac is broken… fun times, fun times

i dont think my SGT would like me building a workshop in barracks


Kid is too cute #1 employee is awesome

Im pretty Jelly of all these workshops.


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Leave me alone…I’m cleaning my corner of the garage now :tired_face:

Added a led light…fancy!


I’m currently using my kitchen counter top as my workbench (good thing I’m a bachelor I suppose :grin:) Only downside is that I have to pack everything up after fiddling so I have space to cook/eat.

too bad your gotta move… this workshop was always a favourite of mine

My shop is a two car garage, and only one car parks in it. I’m always updating it, but this is my area right now. Just this past weekend i ran a separate circuit for my bench and put a 30amp breaker on it so i could use my spot welder while other shit is on. then i installed a 15amp protected utility strip across the front of my bench. so now i have two separate circuits doing things on my bench. One for charging drill batteries and power drivers and a soldering iron, and one for spot welding and glue guns and heat guns and anything else i want to plug into that strip.

My press, which is right next to my bench:

(there’s a 9 ply Scarlet in there)

and my bench:

I made these wire dispensers out of metal coffee cans that had rubbery plastic lids. they work really well:

and this is where i’m currently setting up VESCs; its my audo workstation but boards also fit on keyboard stands, so there you have it:

I’m about to build a second bench and more storage space along with a new rack. There’s plenty of floor where my truck used to park:

and my four board rack is too small now:

so my new bench area will have a rack on the end of it sort of like @onloop 's setup. I’m probably going to start some of that next weekend. Building an awesome shop is fun.

Lastly i just moved the lady stereo out into the grage because i think the office is going to get some shelves. Plus it looks amazing out there and thumps cypress hill like a boss:


So this is happening right now.


nice rack…


Shit gets out of hand quick with this hobby…this was suppose to be the shared office space.


Looks like my board sitting in your shop

That’s definitely yours. Still waiting on a replacement motor to arrive in the mail. :pensive:

The raptor repairs stole my rack space, so i stole @onloop 's idea for the rack based on one of his shop pics. I always liked his shop. I used wooden dowels and drilled holes for them in the 2x4s then glued them in. The table top is three feet across so plenty of room for gluing veneer and stacking it on the mold, then i just swing it around and drop it in the press. Also way more room for multiple builds and stuff to happen.

I still need to panel it up and put shelves underneath and stuff and also run a shelf across the top with lighting on the bottom side of it and run another power strip and drop an electrical line for it. I’m probably going to run ethernet out there too because my wifi sucks balls out there. I can barely skype. It’s coming together nicely though.