Shredlights (set of 4 + accessories) - (shipped from Germany)

Ordered from the UK for new build but not needed after all.

95 EUR plus whatever shipping applies (I think shipping is like 6,99 with DHL within Europe) (it’s what I paid after conversion, proof of purchase available). Not looking to make a dime here, just wanting to help out in case somebody is looking for a full set.

Shoot me a PM if interested :slight_smile:

Can you post pics?

Added in OP :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I wouldn’t recommend using DHL, after 10-20 days you get a bill from DHL in your mail box, and the cost is 45$. I live in Norway

Not within Europe, outside of Europe I don’t know what taxes apply

Sent a PM (10char)

And sold to Skitzor :slight_smile: