Simple 3d printed CNC tool

Not my design and not my build but saw it on instructables and that someone may be able to use it. Most people here have a Dremel tool. A lot of people here have a 3d printed but not many have a cnc.

Now this would have some limitations like metal working but could be helpful for someone here. And could atleast etch our the parts so you can take to someone to cut the metal.


Oooooh I like this. I happen to have that exact dremel sitting downstairs :smiling_imp:

He has a facebook group. Shows what can be upgraded to handle what materials. Banggood has all the parts minus dremel for cheap vs alibaba last week . Came in around 170 for parts minus dremel

I follow this guy and watched at the all process. I really think that what he made is really remarkable but there are other tutorial out there that made way better 3D printed CNC. Really sturdy and capable of some remarkable mill. What he made is really good but if you want a CNC for less then a 3D printed then you can not pretend the best from it. Build a CNC is as difficult as build a 3d printed. So rather easy. There are decent kit out there that with 1200 Euro you bring home a decent machine

Really impressive you’re milling aluminium with this…