Simple Anti-Spark Diagrams

For the past month, I’ve been waiting for that email we all love. If you don’t know what I’m talking about,

For many beginners, XT-90 Antisparks are probably the way to go for an decent on/off switch. However, I was confused how to implement them at first, as none/few diagrams on the forum showed charge ports. Long story short, I wanted to find a way to charge my esk8 without wires sticking out the enclosure, and with no BMS (as I’m currently using LiPo’s), and I have formulated some simple circuit diagrams for everyone.

Antispark diagram

So you can charge it, (disconnect the Antispark (SW 1 & 2), and you have charging circuit). Xt90 female at each circuit opening to connect to VESC/Charger.

Any suggestions/criticisms are welcome.


More info on XT-90S (Antispark), connections etc.

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These with mosfets are likely to fail, Im suggesting a decent bms with an e switch