Simple Build for First Timers

I decided to make this thread to help any new builders who are looking for a simple but powerful board. This isn’t the cheapest board because my budget wasn’t super tight, so if you’re looking for a cheaper build, you might need to find other thread.


-Enertion VESCX ($170) -Enertion 190kv Motor ($165) -(2) Turnigy 4s 500mah 25c Lipo Battery ($35 each) -Torqueboards Single Mech. Kit ($200) -Traxxas TQi Transmitter/Receiver (Free, I need to get an enertion receiver) -Warehouseskateboards deck ($75) -(Charger if you’re wanting to recharge your batteries lol) -(Connectors) -(Straps/ cover for electronics)

The hardest part of this build was probably the white encloser I made out of fiberglass for the electronics. Other than that, this build was extremely straight forward and fits what I needed. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM me or leave it under this thread.

Have a blessed day! Dylan T.


Nice one mate. What speed and range are you getting with this setup? Would a dual motor setup work just as well with the same gear?

I’m too scared too give it all it’s got, but I’ve gone 20mph (32kph) at about half throttle. Also, I haven’t had a chance to take it around the neighborhood or somewhere to test range. I will test tomorrow and let you know. With a dual motor you might want a bigger drive pulley and smaller motor pulley because your torque would come from the two motors. You might want to ask someone else who is more experienced to confirm that, but that is my thought.

Hope this helps, Dylan

Thanks mate, keen to see what sort of range u get. I’m trying to get my head around everything and start a first easy build. Appreciate the info.

Thanks for shairing love this build supper clean can’t wait to build my own

What’s your range ?

Going to test once I am free today. Will let you know and post it above.


@Jimm @Fazz2608 Just took it out for a ride and calculated my distance. I rode about 10mph(16kph) (due to super soft bushings in my trucks, it gets very shaky and wobbly above that speed) and rode 3miles(4.8km). I tested the batteries afterward and they both read 87% charged. I used a bit of rounding but I calculated that I could ride for up to 15miles(24km). I’m assuming the lipo cutoff will leave about 20% left on the battery. Keep into account that I am a teenager and only weigh 125lbs which will probably play a factor here. It’s also very flat where I live. Sorry this is complicated but I don’t want to leave out any information.

Summary: 24km at 16kph (10mph and 15miles)