Simple Esk8 remote from SolidGeek in a smaller version with bigger screen - my journey

Hi guys!

At first I wanna thank u all for the great content in this forum. Didn’t expect to waist so much time here :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the remote from @solidgeek for a while and its awesome. I love to check my battery or currents all the time without pulling out my phone from the pocket while riding. I design a PCB in the last weeks, but was still not happy with the huge amount of complications with wiring and soldering… my PCB is work out ok, but I still have an issue with the power supply and and space inside. Was a cool silent project for me. The feather m0 didn’t get out of my head, so I decided to order one and take a closer look. Its an awesome package with nearly everything build in… M0 Cortex Chip, IOs, USB for charge and programming, ON/OFF function with simply pulling an input to ground… cool piece of electronic. I never went deep into programming except of my work where I programmed a lot od PLC stuff (Beckhoff and Siemens), but I tried…

And no proudly… I can say IT WORKS! I ported all the code by nearly writing the lot of new code to the Feather M0. I designed the case a little bit shorter and it looks fantastic with the new bigger display.

The milestone for me, why I now publish this piece of art, is that I was able to communicate safely with the board with a customised key to make it safe while riding with the same remote next to it. While the remote boots up the first time u power it up, it generates a 16byte encryption key and add a boardID at the byte 16. So in the future u can also ride different boards with unique IDs and be safe. U just change the boardID on the remote and go on.

Everything is still under hard development and definitely not ready to ride, but I am looking forward to realise the code within the next 2 weeks for people who want to experiment with it and give feedback!

A big thanks to @solidgeek for the basic code and the basic idea. Hope u can enjoy my work. If I am finished with this project I ll send u one package to hopefully enjoy it.

PS: sorry for my incredible good english… I am from germany. And yes… I love beer.

IMG_6498 IMG_6495