Simple quality cruiser/commuter build(s) with an Old School look

So I have been researching electric boards [prebuilt] for the past few weeks, and I can’t seem to find exactly what I want. I decided to consider the DIY route, but I figured I should ask the pros if my vision is realistic. I am thinking of starting this process with just a deck, trucks, bearings and wheels. This way I can kick it around town for a few weeks while I work out the details of the drivetrain, motor, ESC, battery/charger, and remote. This post may contain useless information, please forgive me I am a complete noob…

My girlfriend and I live 1 mile and 2.5 miles away from our offices. There are exactly ZERO hills along our routes. We are both between 140-150lbs. There is no need for us to travel any faster than 15MPH, but we would like to easily cruise at this speed without the motor being maxed out (for the sake of component lifespan). I have a few parts in mind so far for the “base” of the build (see below).

ABEC 11 Flywheels 97mm Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings 10 Inch Caliber Trucks (44 Degree) Deck 9x30 to 10x32 with a subtle kicktail in the rear only with a very retro shape.

Can a board be built that tops out at 15mph without maxing out the motor to reach said speeds? Will the components needed to reach 15mph with solid 6 mile range fit on a shorter deck? Will an electric skateboard with a deck so short be stable on takoff/while riding at a 15MPH speed?

I want this thing to be solid, comfortable and practical.

Thank you in advance for the assistance.

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You should be able to find everything you need here. Good luck!

Yes it’s doable. Arcboards offers boards that fit your criteria. Could take their boards as inspiration.

look at youtube videos by “oren’s Projects”, for hub motored options

We will need to know you budget if you want recommendations on parts :wink:

Arc board is close, but I cannot trust they are using quality components.

Blockquote MorosRegular You should be able to find everything you need here5. Good luck! Blockquote

Thanks for the obligatory helping/not helping post…

I am not interested in a hub motor system. I have ruled them out because I want 97mm ABEC 11 flywheels for durability/quality of ride.

I am not really limited to a specific budget, however I obviously don’t need to spend 3k to meet my specifications. I would like to use high quality parts and I am comfortable spending 1,500 or more if necessary.

Thanks for the 1 hour of “research”, lack of looking for your own answers and wanting to be spoon fed info instead of just looking at the countless other builds that have been done and guides that have been posted on how to start.

Since you started this thread, you’ve still done zero research on your on on this forum and just waited for others to do it for you.

Don’t be so aggro bruh. I asked logistical/hypothetical questions that are not going to be answered specifically in a build post. Trust that I have looked over multiple build posts and did not find satisfactory answers. I am definitely not here to argue with you, and if this posts makes you angry you can kindly remove yourself from it.

I even had a look at the post you linked, and didn’t see anything resembling an answer to the three questions I asked. I am not looking to be spoon fed anything, I just wanted to know if this is a feasible project given my specific needs. I have no problem doing the legwork…

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I have to admit, people here are quite aggressive to newbies.

I say you would want: 6355 170kv motor (I got one for $85) 12s1p Samsung 25R or a pair of 6s lipos perferably ~3 ah each Vesc(torqueboard will do)

For main components

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If you’re doing a single motor build, (which you should probably do since there’s no hills and you only need to cruise at 15 mph), consider a mount with idler pulleys, so you can use a lower gear ratio (13/36T as opposed to 16/36T) and not worry about the belt skipping on the motor pulley, especially when braking.

Perhaps, take a look at mounts with idler pulleys by @marcmt88, I’ve got one and it works great. And I know that @Boardnamics also sells some nice idler mounts

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Thanks for the reply and the suggestions, I will definitely investigate these parts later! What do you think about the the stability of a shorter board at the speeds I am looking for? Do you think quality components will fit in the space available on a shorter board?

Okey, don’t listen to this dude… If going with Li-Ion batteries, buy at least a 2p one

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Check out my build: (note that my build isn’t the popsicle stick of death, that’s just where I posted that information)

I haven’t done a proper build thread but that’s a pretty detailed description. It’s super easy to ride and comfortably cruises at 25km/h (~15mph). 44° trucks would make it even easier to ride. There’s several people on this forum that ride fairly short boards (I believe @b264 is one of them) and don’t have any trouble. I’m on 6S currently so the acceleration is solid but won’t try to throw you off (unless it’s your first time riding and you pull the throttle more than halfway too quickly :stuck_out_tongue:). I highly recommend the 192kv SK3 motor from HobbyKing. It’s unsensored but you don’t need sensored in any way, shape or form. It’s just a nice-to-have.

My board will reach ~28km/h on flat when fully charged and feels totally stable (although with my loose, high-angle trucks it took me a few goes to learn to avoid speed wobbles when I was new to the board).

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You can just set the Vesc current limit to 20 amps.

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100% yes! No problems there at all :slight_smile:

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I tried a 12s setup on a penny board and it turned out terrible. Whenever I release the trigger, I get a jolt backwards due to the lack of momentum and sudden lose of acceleration. The board was just as heavy as the esk8 components and the fact that it was only 27 inches long didn’t help with the balance. I would suggest a somewhat heavier or longer board.

still… Voltage sag will be next level. Also, there is no point in building a 12s build if you want a max speed of 15mph/24kmh. 12s is IMO for mountainboards and streetboards who wants a speed of 50 kmh+